Axel Vervoordt

The Belgian design philosophy of "less is more" has been mastered by the country's most well know designer Axel Vervoordt. His use of earthy tones and natural fabrics can bring warmth to any room whether it be a castle in France or an apartment in New York. In his own words, "There's an art to occupying a house. Practical concerns matter above all else. Aesthetic questions enter the picture only at a later stage. The emotional aspect is important. A house should reflect its occupants' lifestyles and personalities."

I myself have been inspired by Mr. Vervoordt from a very early age. I can remember visiting my Grandfather's house in Knokke on the Belgian coast thinking this is true beauty. The large stone floors and linen draped windows leading to a perfectly manicured lawn. Axel had created a balance between nature and the home. His design to me, certainly reflects a sense of tranquility and peace. But it is his eye for the new and love for the old that allows him to transform any space into a masterpiece. The Axel "look" is one that many have tried to mimic but will never succeed in replicating.

Posted on April 7, 2011 .