A Fire in Hell's Kitchen: Taboon

Don't be discouraged by its "middle of nowhere" location, because it is well worth the trek. Taboon, named after the Arabic word for "oven", combines both Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean flavors. If you ask me, it's a match made in hummus heaven. When you walk in the doors you are immediately greeted by a wood-fired, dome shaped oven which, among other dishes, serves up the restaurant's famous focaccia. Once seated, you will be served a complimentary loaf, brushed with olive oil, sage, and fleur de sel. I dare you not to order a second!

girlguide Tip: 
Even during the week Taboon fills up fast with locals, so call ahead! Don't have a reservation? Ask if you can sit at the bar... same food and sometimes faster service.

girlguide Favorite:
Branzino baked whole in the taboon with rosemary and served with cauliflower, tahini, and taboon grilled asparagus After discovering this restaurant with my boyfriend three years ago, I can honestly say we have been back at least four times.

Posted on May 26, 2011 .