Visit: Ruschmeyer's

Brought to you by the same geniuses behind The Surf Lodge, Ruschmeyer's, originally built in 1952, features 19 newly renovated cabins. Activities include ping pong, yoga, kite boarding, bicycling, swimming in a sand-filled pool, and enjoying a series of weekly musical performances on the main lawn. Also on the grounds are hammocks, picnic tables, a fire pit and a teepee! For dinner enjoy fresh local seafood at the Magic Garden with tables both in and outside, followed by a selection of classic maritime cocktails and dancing at the Electric Eel. My favorite? A breakfast nook with communal, camp-like dining every morning! Basically, Ruschmeyer's is a luxury summer camp for adults on a lake in Montauk...4th of July anyone?

Posted on June 29, 2011 .