Shop Online: ABC Carpet & Home

I love ABC Carpet & Home in the city. They have such an eclectic mix for the home and their selection of jewelry and body products is spot-on. I always check out their website if I'm looking for a unique wedding or birthday gift.

1. Anagram Gary Graham Georgette Dress ($483)
2. Tibet Arts and Crafts Lock ($48) Symbolizes protection with mantra of peace and compassion
3. Large Gourmet Bag ($250) Hand-crafted in Barcelona using antique materials and recycled leather from central europe circa 1920!
4. FEED + Tammy Fender Dop Kit ($95) Each purchase supports the United Nations World Food Programme's P4P initiative which purchases food from local farmers to feed hungry people in the region.
5. Herban Essentials Towelettes $15 - These are my favorite! Throw them in your car or gym bag and you will use them for everything...they are aromatherapeutic and antibacterial!

Posted on September 4, 2011 .