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Welcome to the second part of my three part series on what to wear if you want to be casual, comfortable, and still feel chic. Thank you all for your feedback on the last post! I'm so happy so many of you found it helpful and liked the outfit. Today's post also focuses on one of my favorite concepts - high/low dressing. We all need investment pieces and staples in our wardrobe, but for the everyday casual outfit, you don't want to feel like you would have a mental breakdown if a waiter spilled a side of salad dressing on you. So many of my clients have closets filled with $1,000+ blouses and dress, $30 T-shirts, and nothing in between!

Casual Lunch - So you're meeting a girlfriend for lunch at 1PM but have a list of errands to run beforehand and school pick-up right after - what do you wear? Have you ever heard of a restaurant top? Designers have coined this term to describe blouses that feature a special accent from the navel up (beading, cold shoulder, embroidery, etc.). Hence the part we can see when you're sitting at a table in a restaurant. This sweater meets all the qualifications for the perfect "day" version of a restaurant top. I love the detailing on the arm and its currently on sale for under $250! When the weather gets warmer you can easily lose the jacket and scarf and this sweater would easily stand on its own and make any outfit. 

If you haven't hear of this shoe designer you're missing out! I purchased my first pair of his flats last Fall and never wanted to take them off! I love this low heeled style because it's feminine yet still comfortable enough for you to run around town in. This color is perfect for Spring and goes with just about anything!

I have this thing with jackets...its bad. But what do you do when you can buy a coat that looks like this for under $100?? This style is perfect for a mild winter day with a scarf and long into the Spring. I also love this one and this one if you're looking to refresh your outerwear next season. 



Posted on February 15, 2017 and filed under What to Wear.