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I've always been envious of people that fly frequently or for long periods of time and still look refreshed and coordinated. After doing some research for this post I found so many amazing products to help us become the seasoned jetsetters we've always wanted to be. In my experience, hydration still remains to be the most important thing, but this guide will hopefully put you right up there with the pros. When I set out to write this post I of course had to consult with my friend and fellow blogger Jordan Rhodes of Glimpse Guides. Her luxury travel guides are perfect for family travel that is both smart and stylish. She told me about this aromatherapy oil that acts as a stress reliever and helps her find her zen before a long flight (my husband will appreciate this)! These Klorane eye patches are a lifesaver on the plane or after a long car ride and they smell amazing! I'm always looking for the next best hand sanitizer. I haven't tried this one but Gwyneth Paltrow swears by it when she travels. 

I absolutely love travel sets but a lot of times I feel like the samples are small and I don't end up using everything. This one may feel like a splurge but it is packed with the best products and the little travel bags alone are worth the price. I'm always concerned about neglecting my skincare regimen while on vacation and packing large containers can be such a pain especially if you're just doing carry-on. Check out Jordan's answer to maintaining you're healthy glow at 40,000 feet and when you've reached your destination!




GOOP // Sarah Chapman

Posted on February 26, 2017 and filed under What to Pack.