As you know my new year's resolution was to try to be more PRESENT. When I'm with my kids and husband (mostly), but also when I'm with friends, at work, etc. These days its so easy to be distracted by everything and I was finding myself always on my cell phone looking at social media, thinking about where I have to go next, what my plans are for tomorrow, my mind was ALWAYS going. So one of the ways I'm helping myself to be more present and living in the moment is to do these two things:

Take time for myself: Today I had the best day. I prioritized two hours for myself...ME TIME! to do whatever I wanted to do and just enjoy myself. I caught up with a friend over tea at a local coffee shop and went for an infrared sauna (amazing experience by the way). By the time I went to pick Luke up at school I felt so refreshed. After today my goal is to try to set aside two hours a week of uninterrupted time for myself. Its not going to always be possible but I think it absolutely helped me when I was back home with the boys. I was able to focus on them because I had a good chunk of time to do all the things I wanted to do already and wasn't distracted. I was able to stay present!

Plan: At the beginning of every year I buy myself a planner. By the end of the year Its almost always less than half used (if I'm being generous). With the birth of Harrison this past May and Luke now in school things are busier than ever. I know that planning and organizing everyone's schedules would help me tremendously. Maybe even organize some not-so-last-minute date nights? One can dream! 




Posted on January 12, 2018 and filed under Lust List.