I recently helped a client pack for my dream vacation! She had never been to Europe and was heading to France for her 40th birthday with her husband and a few friends. She needed two different looks: sightseeing and "beaching". When she asked me if I would help her style this trip I couldn't hold back my excitement. Seriously I was giddy! Its a stylists dream. I pictured her visiting museums in Paris and trapping around flea markets in the cote d' Azur. (Frank if you're reading this, TAKE NOTES!) 

One of my go-to's for vacation styling are jumpsuits. I loved this one because it had a riviera feel, was a great price, and could be worn from day to night without having to change at the hotel. A dressier pair of shorts are also ideal for long days. Also LOVE this effortless day dress. Its been 5+ years since I've traveled overseas which seems crazy to think about since I grew up going to Belgium every summer. BUT this summer we're going back! Frank and I decided to take the kids (EEEK need pointers for a 8.5hr flight with 2 young children) and I can't wait for the boys to meet all of their cousins and family in Belgium. 



Posted on May 10, 2018 .