Sometimes it can be really tough getting dressed for work, especially if your office environment is conservative. I help women all the time with this issue and I always like to start with a good blouse. Pants are important too but beyond making sure they fit well, they're not as exciting if you can't stray from black or navy. For me this blouse has all the bells and whistles - a row of buttons, bell sleeves, and feminine cuffs. It can also easily be paired with a beautiful earring and tucked into a skirt for an after hours cocktail or datenight. Call it a twist on your classic white (or black) blouse!

  • This caftan is the perfect pice to pack for your beach trip. I always like to stuff one in my carry-on or even my purse just in case something happens to my luggage!
  • My favorite straw tote is ON SALE!!!!
  • I've had my eye on these since last year. Here is a similar style in black - so chic.
  • The only cardigan you'll ever have to buy!
  • I have the dress version of the this white top. Anything with a pom pom and I'm sold:)



Posted on May 21, 2018 .