I'm always curious which products and things people carry around with them in their purses and when they travel. Two Christmases ago I put these travel case sets on one of my Lust Lists and Frank surprised me with one! They are truly the best quality, and the price is incredible at $110 for both. The larger one even has a mini pocket inside for jewelry. I've been using the smaller size a ton this summer because its perfect to throw in my large straw totes and it keeps me organized. Funny fact about my cases: STM is not the correct monogram for me. I'm pretty sure it was Frank's first time ordering a monogram EVER and in his defense the website used to be a little more confusing. So yep, should be SMT but who notices those things anyway, right? He felt terrible and even though it killed my OCD-self, I couldn't bring myself to order a new one and change it:)

Another summer favorite in my bag are these wipes. I love the smell of them and the essential oils are a nice natural alternative to cleansing. Call me crazy but they also make the best air freshener for your car! I use one and leave it in the car for a few hours and voila! The multi pack is a great starting point to see which scent you like best!


PS Here is a link to my raffia heart key chain. Probably my least essential purchase this summer hehe but boy does it make me happy every time I look at it! It also makes the best hostess gift!


Posted on July 10, 2018 .