BOY MOM! No but really - its a thing:) For as long as I can remember I just knew I was going to have boys. People always ask me if I wish I had a girl and I honestly don't ever think about it that way. I can't imagine a life without my two sweet boys and I feel lucky everyday. Even when they're swinging their baseball bats into the TV and yelling "MOM" over and over again! 

Love this insert. I'm not a huge fan of the traditional "mom gear" thats out there but I love when I find pieces that are both chic and functional. The same brand also sells a tote which I would recommend for any new mom. They wear really well and are a great price point. 

  • Luke's car seat - Easy to clean and move between cars, found it on sale:)

  • Harry's car seat - This was Luke's too! Its lightweight and still going strong for baby #2!

  • Umbrella Stroller

  • Sound Machine - Beware you may become addicted to this too! I can't sleep without one now. They travel really well which is a plus!

  • Diaper Bag - I've blogged about this one before! The insert inside is mission critical for ever mom wanting to stay organized + you can have your monogram hand painted on the outside!





gentleman are not born they are made

always bring an extra pair of underwear

let them wear a different shoe on each foot - the battle will only upset you both and by the end of the week he'll be back to wearing a matching pair

its never too early for a date night (with your son)

they're always on the move - make sure you slow it all down once in a while and enjoy the moment

bless the mess - this is the hardest one for me and my saving grace is the no food, no toys room (with a white sofa) in our house. So far so good!

communicate - every night I tell Luke about my day and then he goes through his. EVERY SINGLE DETAIL! Even when I'm so tired I feel like I'm going to fall over! I know this is going to be a big one as he gets older. 

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY - this was so important for me as a mom working 40+ hrs a week and its a tough one to remember when all you want to do is spend more time with them. One hour of uninterrupted (iPhone free) time over 5 distracted hours. 







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