Last month Instagram launched a new feature called "questions". I think it was an idea that stemmed from the oh so popular "5 things" where bloggers/influencers shared 5 things about themselves that you may not have known. It really caught on and IG decided to create something more permanent. Sharing answers to my most recent group of questions below!




How do you stay so fit being as busy as you are?

I've been seriously slacking in the fitness department! You can ask my trainer! I'm always on the go which helps but honestly I consider myself "fat skinny". I may look thin but my mid middrift section is not toned AT ALL and I want to be a lot stronger. Its been really tough getting to the gym with my new schedule but I'm hoping to kick it into high gear starting this Fall.  

How do you get yourself protein despite your food sensitivites?

I'm not a vegetarian so I get most of my protein from chicken and fish. Other than that I eat a ton of nuts and other legumes like lentils and chickpeas. I probably could be a vegetarian or eat that way but so far I haven't had the desire. I find breakfast to be the hardest meal and I'll usually make a bowl like this one or have a nut butter smoothie. 

What was your first real job after graduation? Fave job other than blogging?

After graduation I went to work for IBM! You're shocked I know. Following that I went to Ralph Lauren where I stayed for 5+ years. Being a stylist is my absolute favorite job other than styling. I love helping people create their best selves...its not just about the clothing. 

What favorite places to shop?

shopbop // net-a-porter // goop // onekingslane

Favorite Designer?


When did you start blogging?

my first post on the girl guide was January 14, 2011. The blog looked very different then! I purchased the domain though in 2009! I took a break in September of 2011 to focus on my career in fashion and re-launched in December of 2016. I like to say no regrets BUT...I wish I had never stopped:)

How do you balance your time with your adorable kids and running a successful business?

This is a constant work in progress! The biggest thing is support from others. I could not do this alone! We have an awesome nanny who is flexible and gives me peace of mind while I'm away. That being said when I left my corporate job in fashion a few months ago we had to significantly lower her hours which meant more time for me with the kids. I'm so grateful for the flexibility and the opportunity to see them more but it can also be really stressful working from home with a deadline! Actually nearly impossible:) SO - work in progress! My husband is also very supportive and helps out with the boys all the time. We have just started a once a week "meeting" to go over what we each have for the week. Its been extremely helpful in addition to a joint calendar. 

When you launched your blog did you post several posts at once or just one?

When I first launched I started with a single post. When I re-launched I had all my previous posts from my original blog but unfortunately all the imagery didn't transfer. 

When did you start blogging?


What is your job other than blogging? I know you say you're self employed. 

I'm a fashion stylist and wardrobe consultant. I do everything from help an individual re-organize their closet, to assisting a family with a holiday photoshoot, to styling a brand's Spring campaign/lookbook. 

Do brands ever send you clothes that you're just like no way? What do you do?

I've never had a brand just send me something. They usually reach out first and say they would like to work together. If it's a item that I don't feel fits my brand I will kindly let them know. There is nothing worse than just accepting something you don't like just to get it. I've been on the other side of that working for fashion brands and retailers and it doesn't feel good. Partnerships should be mutually beneficial and I don't want to share anything with my followers that I don't absolutely love. 

What are the best ways to grow followers?

This is such a tough question. When I re-launched my blog a year and a half ago Instagram was already very different than it is today. It was even more different 3-4 years ago. I've listened to a few podcasts on this topic and everyone seems to say the same thing - be you, be different, be compelling. Your following will grow. Giveaways can help also - I did my first large giveaway once I reached 5k but its not something you want to do regularly. I also love my local community so I started there. Hope that helps!

Do you use photoshop for your layouts? If not, how do you make them?

I do all my collages on photoshop!

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