Two weekends ago I headed into the city with my best friend for a girl’s weekend. It is incredible what 36 hours “off the clock” from all work/family responsibilities and obligations can do for you. Since we were going to New York City I contemplated meeting with my photographer for an hour to shoot for the blog but then decided not to. I’m so happy I choose to completely sign off. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until we were there and just walking around without a care in the world. We stayed at the Bowery Hotel which is still one of my favorite NYC hotels. Not only because Frank and I were married there, but because its just a short walk to all of my favorite shops and restaurants in Soho. I always say I judge the quality of a vacation based on the meals I have and this one was no different. On Saturday we had lunch at Cafe Gitane and dinner at Frenchette. Both spots on my list of favorites. On Sunday we made the mistake of not booking a brunch reservation in advance (New Yorkers take their brunches very seriously). We were really hoping to try hotspot and GOOP favorite Le Mercerie but unfortunately our stomachs couldn’t handle the two hour wait. Instead we joined a friend at Soho House which was phenomenal. I realized another thing on this trip - I love creating content. Instagram stories, style posts for the girl guide, board on Pinterest, it all brings me SO much joy. I just felt I needed to say that and thank you all for continuing to visit me here and on Instagram. It means the world to me and I don’t take for granted that I get to do what I love.



frenchette in New York city Cindy trotta

I highly recommend Frenchette. It was not inexpensive but the creatively delicious food and chic ambiance was worth the price tag. V and I shared an appetizers as well as a main course + fries which were a must!



one of my favorite brands to shop in Belgium just opened a US flagship location in NYC


these boots came home with me and I will always remember this little getaway when I put them on. My favorite way to shop on vacation is to go to many stores, observe, and then pick on special thing!



ba&sh - I love this brand! Originally from Paris, this cult favorite just recently opened its doors in Soho with its first ever US flagship location. Think Isabel Marant meets Ulla Johnson. The classic bohemian style is perfect for achieving the “model off duty” street style look. All of there pieces are unique and versatile… like this dress …throw it on with booties and a biker jacket or sneakers and a trench. Et Voila!

Everlane - My friend Virginia found the perfect Chelsea boot here. It was worth the wait! Yup, you heard that right, when we first arrived we so naively walked right up to the door only to be corrected that there was about a 10 minute wait to enter the store! Well worth it! These are still one of my favorite pairs of denim. The quality and fit can’t be beat at $68.

Cuyana - Popped into Cuyana to get a gift for a friend and discovered their new leather scrunchies. Thinking about the black one in the spring with a white ruffled or eyelet pheasant blouse….Kind of LOVE!

The Real Real - I was blown away by The Real Real retail shopping experience. The shop is beautifully curated and to say I wanted everything is an understatement. Imagine racks and racks of beautiful Celine sweater, saint Laurent lace dresses, and bags you didn’t know you loved. I’ve been on a really tight budget this month after the holidays and Luke and Frank’s birthdays but I fell in LOVE with a pair of Valentino cowboy boots. I tried them on and told the sales associate that I was going to think about it only to have her drop the “they’re an extra 30% off” bomb. Sold! I found the same pair online here. If you find yourself in Soho and this is a must visit. And don’t say I didn’t warn you about leaving your wallet at home!

the bowery hotel bed with bear
view from the bowery hotel the girl guide


Posted on January 29, 2019 .