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ELLE - The story of one woman and her Facebook group that took downs a Sudanise dictator.

The Washington Post - Ummm this is bad. I mean, this is really bad. I drink tea EVERY SINGLE DAY! I hate to admit it but I read this headline and the first thing I thought was, “Really? Does everything have to be bad for you??” Now I’m off to find a small metal apparatus that I can carry around and dump my tea leaves into instead of a the plastic mesh bag I always thought was so pretty.

NPR - Can positive childhood memories protect you from experiencing depression later on in life?

The Wall Street Journal - How a “psychological contract” saved one dual-career couple’s relationship.

Vogue - The photos from this Italian wedding are stunning. Maybe a summer 2020 trip for the Trotta’s? Better start saving!

w o r e

Some of my favorites from the weekend’s sales:


deodorant - OK so….I’m so happy I shared this on my Instagram the other day! The best news - I’m not the only smelly one out there haha. I’ve been using natural or organic deodorants for about six years now (my poor husband) and I’ve never been truly satisfied. So now I’m officially on a quest to see if I can find one that works for me. On Friday I received over one hundred messages in response to my IG stories and here were the most popular suggestions:

  • Native - this was by far the most suggested

  • Schmidt’s - this is the one that started the conversation. I tested the lavender one that comes in a glass jar - it did NOT work for me. But so many of you said the stick does, so added it to the list.

  • Agent Nateur - this is the one I’ve been using the longest. I don’t want to say it doesn’t work, because it does. But I think that I’ve outgrown it or need a break from it, hence the experiment with something new!

  • Rosy Pits from Mega Babe

  • Corpus Naturals

  • Love Fresh

  • Primal Pit Paste - I purchased this one today at Whole Foods

hair loss - Hair loss is a really scary thing. It can happen for so many reasons: vitamin deficiency, hormone imbalance, and thyroid issues, just to name a few. I’ve been experiencing some really bad hair loss for the last two months and my best guess is it is stress related. We had a trauma in our family around the end of July and towards the end of August I started to notice it. At first I thought it was seasonal (I usually experience some shedding around September) but this was different. when I went to get a haircut they agreed, it was pretty bad. Last week I asked my IG community for help and I wanted to share the suggestions. Even though my best guess is it is stress related and I’ll just have to let it run its course, I want to take some steps to strengthen my hair overall. I’ve taken vital proteins before but never really committed to them (or loved), but considering giving them another shot. Here are some others:

  • Nutrafol

  • Monistat - this one was crazy to me! Check out @thesisterstudioig

  • Biotin

  • Vital Proteins - powder and creamers

  • Prenatal Vitamins

  • Mary Ruth Organic

  • Nature’s Bounty - hair, skin, nails vitamins

podcast - I loved this podcast from goopfellas. Author and former pro athlete Lewis Howes talks about the different masks that he believes men hide behind.

winter boots - Its not quite that time of year but I’m starting to look! Love all the options I’m seeing in neutrals like these shearling ones, and this pair. I was obsessed with this pair but it sold out during their last sale.

necklaces - One of my favorite jewelry designers is having a two day sitewide sale! I wear her necklaces almost everyday - they’re beautifully made. I love how you can wear them on their own or stacked. I’ve had my eye on this heart and here is my wishbone:)

white tee - OK, I keep saying my favorite but this is seriously the best white tee and its $18 and back in stock. I wear a medium so its a little roomier.

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Posted on October 6, 2019 .