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Vogue - 7 Tips For Planning a Kids’ Birthday Party Your Fellow Parents Will Appreciate. Honestly, I think children’s birthday parties have gotten a little out of control. I’ll never forget my favorite party as a kid - my mom bought white Keds sneakers for all my friends (there were probably 5 or 6 of us) and we painted them and then had cake. Kids don’t need more than that! Also I should note, it was at home, not at some $700 for two hours play gym. By no means am I knocking that type of party. I’ve done it and spent a pretty penny on our local nature center for Luke * twice * but I’m just putting it out there that maybe the overspending doesn’t matter. It might be as simple as good friends, a craft, and cake!

Harper’s Bazaar - Men have no friends and women bear the burden. This article is an important read. I think about it all the time - the things I get to share with my girlfriends and the important outlet that I have for my emotions that my husband doesn’t have. “Men are taught that feelings are a female thing”, the article goes on to say, and I agree. I do however feel that social media outlets are changing this. More and more men are starting to talk about their depression, struggles with job loss, and overall emotions.

Goop - Goop just launched their gift guides! I always love looking at the goop gift guides because they’re usually over-the-top and fabulous. Personally I’m kind of obsessed with this beautiful coffee maker and I’ve been looking for a pair of blue light blocking glasses and these tortoise shell ones are perfect. OK, I know cosmetic cases are a standard for gift guides but this one is actually really good, under $100, and chic enough to work with anyone’s style.

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I popped into the Sezane store yesterday and picked up a dress and a sweater. I’ve shared them both here before and finally decided to pull the trigger. Here are a few other items I loved:

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friends & family sales - Black Friday starts earlier and earlier every year and this one will be no different. Net-A-Porter and goop are two of my favorite online retailers to shop for splurge-worthy items and they both just announced sales. Friendly reminder to buy pieces that spark joy (LOL but its true) as Marie Kondo would say. Just because something costs less than its original price doesn’t mean its right for you! I love this cape from the goop sale - its timeless and a beautiful nutmeg color.

moisturizer - I was gifted this moisturizer to try last month and I can’t say enough amazing things about it. I was reluctant to change this part of my beauty routine because I’ve been very happy with the one I have, but this plant milk is as good as it sounds. Tammy Fender’s products are made from organic ingredients and smell amazing. A great way to winterize your skincare.

recipe - one of my favorite vegan and gluten free recipes for winter mornings. When the temperatures drop I try to warm things up in the kitchen. This porridge is the perfect solution for a busy weekday or a Sunday morning in. Make it the night before and refrigerate in a glass ball jar. In the morning just re-heat and serve with a dash of cinnamon!

FAQ and a survey - Two things I haven’t chatted about in a little while…call it housekeeping:) First off I wanted to share again that I created this Frequently Asked Questions section on the blog. In it you can find answers to questions like, where my necklaces are from, where I get my hair cut, and the paint colors we used in our house. Second order of business, the Fohr survey. It is an anonymous (if you choose) place where you can share why you like following me and Cindy Hattersley and a way for me to differentiate myself from others in this space. Brands can view your testimonials and decide if I’m someone who they want to work with based on what you say! It would mean so much to me if you took a few minutes to fill it out. THANK YOU:)

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a cable sweater and a slip skirt

a statement sweater and statement earring

dresses: sweater and maxi

casual: silk blouse and dark denim