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Ahhh February….January felt a little long me me. Anyone else? I actually didn’t mind it because I felt like I needed a serious reset from the holidays and Fall in general. Today almost feels like the beginning of the year to me. Like another fresh start? Anyway, as we enter this strange period on the East Coast of warm days mixed with snow days, it can be easy to fall in the comfortable leggings and a sweater trap. I’m already sick of my winter boots! I bought this suede Chelsea boot last year and I can’t tell you how well they’ve held up. I’ve worn them in the rain/snow (by accident) and they still look great! Linking them on sale.

This weekend was pretty unscheduled for us…just the way I like it! Yesterday we ended up at Grace Farms for the second Sunday in a row. If you’re local and have kids I really recommend it. We spent a good 5 hours hanging out, walking around the property, eating (the food, while not free is delicious and well priced), and ended the night with some basketball in their incredible gym. All the facilities are free, there is no membership, and its a nice way to spend time with the kids and not feel like you’re doing “kid things”. On Saturdays they offer a children’s craft workshop that I believe is $5. Honestly, even if you live in New York City its worth the trip!

While Frank was watching football last night I was working on an under 100 roundup. I almost always start with H&M and right now they have some really nice new arrivals. I ended up placing an order and decided to share below because I find that they always sell out quickly. I was actually most excited about the children’s home section. I ordered plates, napkins, and cups for Luke’s animal birthday party this Saturday. They’re so adorable and so much better than the Amazon ones I had in my cart! Just praying I receive it all in time:) Stay tuned for an Insta try-on when everything arrives.

In other news….

  • One of my most frequently asked home decor questions for details on the rug in our living room. I found it when we first moved to this house two years go. I wanted something that was neutral but also didn’t break the bank. I originally found the style on Amazon and took a chance! It ended up being perfect and because its a wool/sisal blend it is really soft. It sold out but I recently found it stocked again (still on major sale) here and here! The color we have is light gray but the gray also looks nice.

  • This carpet cleaner is a MUST! Another frequently asked question: how do we keep our light colored rugs so clean? This cleaner was another random find but this time at Home Goods. I decided to try it for pet stains but it works so well on everything! I think maybe its the enzymes? It also smells good!

Hope everyone has a great week!





Posted on February 4, 2019 .