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real simple - Heading to a wedding this summer? Here’s a refresher on wedding gift etiquette. Can you really wait a year to give the bride and groom a gift?

goop - An off registry gift guide. My feeling is this - if you’re going to go off registry it better be good! Don’t take it the wrong way but if you’re going to surprise the couple with something different, my advice is to make it unique and personal. This weekend was my best friend’s wedding and instead of purchasing something for the couple I gave her a necklace with significance and meaning. It was something I really loved and I wanted her to have something special.

Vogue - Like her or not, since elected, AOC has been in the spotlight. I got to see firsthand what it was like to work in the House when I interned there during my junior year of college. Click to see a day in the life of a young rep.


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recipe - Do you meal prep? I’ve tried a few times and it just never sticks. Instead now I make a huge batch of brown rice or quinoa and grill chicken or vegetables as a base for the week. Its really helpful! Sick of constructing salads for work? Here is a list of 15 (non salad) meal-prep recipes that are healthy and easy to make. Love the 5-minute mediterranean bowl!

sustainable fashion - You might be surprised by some of the brands on this list. Nike’s Flyleather material is at least 50% recycled and natural according to this article. One of my favorite eco-conscious (and cost conscious) brands is Cuyana. They have managed to create beautifully crafted pieces that are well priced, and with the environment in mind.


To say I’m not nervous about the recent changes to Instagram would be a lie. A quote from the WSJ article linked, “Myriad factors influence how many eyes Instagram’s algorithm exposes your image to, including your post’s timeliness and the likelihood other users will be interested in the content based on previous habits.” Basically this means that Instagram holds all the power - it decides what followers want (or don’t want) to see and as a result dictates the success of influencers and creators like myself. Take my most recent IGTV video for example. It peaked at around 3k views, a far cry from the 17k-40k garnered by my other videos. This is not a a coincidence and its not luck. The videos were all relatively the same content and posted the same way with one difference - 70% of my followers didn’t see my last one. This can be a tough reality for someone using the platform to share content.

So what am I doing about it? The only thing I can do. Continue to create content that I truly love. I started Cindy Hattersley in my mid 20’s for the same reasons why I work on it day and night today: to create a space where I can share my passions, connect, and ultimately (hopefully) inspire women. This will always be my space that I can control and own. So no matter what happens with Instagram, pinterest, or the next social platform, you can always find me here:)

Posted on July 28, 2019 .