Cindy Trotta in a black Misa dress with Gucci slides  and a Black Headband // Fall Style // Cindy Hattersley

t h e s u n d a y s e c t i o n


Harper’s Bazaar - Etiquette according to the royals. Loved Kate and the late Princess Diana’s tricks for getting out of a car gracefully.

Departures - I forgot how much I loved the articles in departures and just recently started reading them again. Last week I shared this one on my stories. Its a great read about the future of our fabrics and how the fashion world is tackling our plastic problem. Have you heard of Dudley Stephens? They have transformed an 80’s classic and made fleece famous again with their ultra flattering styles created with recycled bottles (over 1 million to be exact). Click here for my favorite style and color:)

the everygirl - Should there be one day a week when we stay off social media? I have thought about it. I recently polled my IG audience and the majority of followers said they stay off the app on the weekends but catch up on Sundays. If I were to have a consistent “break” I would lean more towards a period of time everyday than one full day all together.


Another Harper’s Bazaar article this week that I had to share! White, cream, ivory….ALL YEAR LONG:) Putting my obsession with neutrals aside, it is true that this once summer-only shade is acceptable in even the coldest months now. Hello!! Snow bunny?? There is nothing more elegant than a head-to-toe winter white look. So don’t trade in all your white blouses come September 3rd, instead mix them back to darker denim and printed skirts. One item I do put away? My super white jeans. To be honest I’m usually sick of them by this time of year anyway.


Al fresco dining - Summer isn’t the only time for outdoor dining. I’m looking forward to some cool (mosquito-free) nights over the next couple of months. I love the idea of alfresco dining with a cozy sweater and blanket draped over your legs. Last night we went to a beautiful farm to table dinner with long tables set under string lights. My friend sent me these black ones and I think I’m going to order! We still haven’t found outdoor dining chairs but I’ve been eyeing a few styles from One Kings Lane and I love these from terrain.

loafers - I love loafers, mules (like the ones I’m wearing above), and slides. I think they look great with skirts and dresses and are also cute with every style of denim. Basically its the cool ballet flat right now. You can turn them up a notch this season with a stud or embroidery like this pair. Here is a steal version for under $100! Also on the topic of studded…check out these Hermes dupes! Here are the originals…

Foundation - If you ask me this is the best foundation for covering up under eye circles. Its light and natural and easy to use (and did I mention its organic?). I’ve already refilled my compact three times. The best part? It doesn't sit and collect in the creases like most concealers. Maybe thats because its made of ingredients like jojoba, coconut, and sweet almond. My shade - like porcelain.


Trotta House - I’ve been thinking about sharing a house tour on the blog in the next month or two. Do you guys like before and afters as much as I do? We moved in with a wishlist and a to-do list exactly three years ago and have been slowly chipping away at them, project by project. Here is a list of what’s coming up:

replace windows - first on the second floor in the boys rooms, then on the main floor in the dining room/living room area

window treatments - Luke’s room and the first floor dining/living

replace old tile around fireplace - right now its red clay tiles and I’d love for it to be one slab of matte stone

replace wood on our front deck - I’m DYING to do this. It’s a really small space but I look at it everyday and it really bothers me. Frank and my Dad are going to do it themselves and hoping they start as soon as the weather cools off (like it was this weekend hint, hint)

paint front steps - I’ve been dragging my feet on this one only because I’m unsure of the color. Right now they’re gray but I’m debating white or even black. Would love some Inspo!

update downstairs bathroom - this is a pretty big project because there is a shower in it which we currently use for cleaning supplies and storage.

Posted on August 25, 2019 .