Keeping two energetic boys entertained isn’t always easy. What has worked the best for us this summer is playtime outside in the morning followed by quiet time after lunch. Obviously things don’t always work out like this but what I’ve found is if I first tire them out, they’re more likely to play nicely with one another or on their own once we get inside. Which also gives me a chance to get some work done! The weekends are different though. Saturday mornings are for the boys. They each get 30 minutes to pick out the game or toy we all play with together. Harrison especially loves it because his older brother isn’t in charge for a change!

The Trotta boys are currently obsessed with Legos, specifically Batman, Spiderman, and Star Wars (haha #boymom) which is why lately I’ve been really loving the selection at Walmart. They have a great assortment of our favorite toys and they offer a great mix of both educational and fun options. Ordering for ourselves or for friends is made easy with their free two-day delivery service. I always try to have one back up gift in the house just in case I forget a birthday party or we need a prize to reward good behavior (recently it was potty training!). Walmart also makes it easy to search for an item based on age or Lifestage.

I’m sharing all of Luke and Harry’s picks right now as well as some of my favorite affordable pieces for back to school below!


t r o t t a t o y s


back to school essentials


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Posted on August 31, 2019 and filed under Boy Mom.