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Elle - I love me some good street style - its honestly my favorite way to view fashion…real looks, on real people, in real time. When blogs were just becoming a thing I used to religiously go to a few street style sites based in Stockholm. My favorite one belonged to Caroline Blomst and it was called Caroline’s Mode. Love this round-up of NYFW street style. Click here for Copenhagen’s.

NPR - A super interesting piece. Listen as NPR’s Sam Sanders speaks to influencers as well as journalists covering the industry discussing the rise of this industry and how it is impacting advertising as we once knew it. The most shocking to me? Youtube influencers - 250k for one video? I better get on that haha.

The Business of Fashion - This site requires a subscription but I had to share a recent piece about Stella McCartney. she has long been known for her high fashion and eco-friendly styles both in clothing and in accessories including handbags and footwear mad form vegan leather. McCartney is taking further steps in the fight against climate change and is set to launch a charter at next months United Nations summit in Poland.


i’ve been using this for the last 3 years - I recently had a friend tell me she started using it based on my rec and thought it was the best too. Re-sharing:)


recipe - sheet pan dinner I know, I know its another one-pan chicken dish haha. I swear I cook other dishes! I’m just trying to make life easier for you (and tastier!).

podcast - superwoman by Rebecca Minkoff. In her new podcast, Minkoff interviews women from all backgrounds covering a range of topics impacting women from fundraising to behaviors in the office. Love her insight and the uber interesting guests she’s featured so far!

pet (and basically everything else) cleaning spray - I first discovered this cleaning spray by accident. I was perusing the aisles of Home Goods one evening, looking for everything and nothing at the same time, when I saw an interesting looking bottle in the cleaning section. It said it was a natural and enzyme pet stain remover. I almost never pull the trigger on things like this - I put them in my cart because I don’t want anyone else to grab it, walk around, and almost inevitably edit it out when I get to the register and realize I have accumulated the most random assortment of items that will cost way more than I wanted to spend. Luckily for me (and my rugs, and YOU) I didn’t put this one back. It works on everything. Period.


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Posted on September 15, 2019 .