H&M mini skirt styled with a brown sweater and Hermes Oran sandals // neutral style // Cindy Hattersley

t h e s u n d a y s e c t i o n


The New Yorker - This article is scary - and its not just another piece on climate change. I’ve been asking myself this all the time lately, “How are we going to fix this?”. The answer simply can’t be that we can't. There has to be a way - greed cannot prevail. The world came together and raised 1 BILLION dollars for Notre Dame when it burned, why can’t we do the same for the air that we breathe?

Vogue - OK now this hair trend is really giving me my in the 80’s vibes…will you be trying a hair comb anytime soon?

Town & Country - Anyone else excited about the new Downton Abbey movie? Click to watch a sneak peek of the new film based on the uber popular British television show. Also on my list of must watch movies this year? Little Women!



podcast - Roaming the neighborhood on your bike with the neighbors until dinner time or walking to the local card store to grab a piece of candy or buy a magazine with the money you saved from your chores that week - this is not the norm anymore. But it was for me when I was 10 years old. What would happen if a mother let her 10 and 7 year old daughters walk 20 minutes each way to the local shopping center? In many states she could be reported and arrested. What has happened in our society that this is no longer OK? That raising independent children is now seemingly impossible. Being well-rounded is now a product of how many after school activities you’re in instead of how you handle yourself on the playground when there are no adults around. In this recent goop podcast, Esther Wojciciki claims that our world is not as dangerous as we think it is and we are doing a disservice to our children by not letting them explore, combat boredom on their own, and fend for themselves. The helicopter has become the snow plow (parent) and we are just clearing a path free of all obstacles for our children. As parents we just want the best for our children. I’m struggling with this right now as a mother of two boys. I want to keep things simple but it can be challenging when the world around us is always focused on stimulation.

recipe - You guys know how much I love tea. My bestie sent me this recipe last week and now I have to try it. If you follow me on Instagram (please do haha) stay tuned as I give it a shot on Wednesday night. The temperatures are supposed to cool down a little this week so this sounds like the perfect one pot meal!

white sofa - I always get questions about our white sofa - how do we keep it clean with two boys? We purchased it from One Kings Lane when we moved in and its from their line of Crypton styles. Its the most amazing fabric - stains just stay like beads and wipe or wash right off. They have a great selection at various price points and offer 20% off site wide a few times a year!



Kate Spade - I loved this look from Kate Spade.

Tory Burch - Classic Tory: navy, leather, and feminine silhouettes

Ralph Lauren - Someimtes I think to myself “I wish I was still at RL”….fashion week is definitely one of those times. What I would have given to hang out in Ralph’s Club

Rebecca de Ravenel - simplistic elegance at its finest. Every look is better than the last.

Sea - I felt a little wah wah about SEA’s collection this past Spring. Underwhelming and it just don’t feel like the what we were used to seeing from the designer duo. They’re back…..this dress and this puff sleeve.

Ulla Johnson - I’ve always loved UJ and 2020 Spring doesn’t disappoint. Somehow she is able to stay true to herself and still inject a little newness every season. Love this dress and this entire look ( I would wear pants and top separately but so gorgeous!).

Posted on September 8, 2019 .