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CNBC - a self made millionaire tells us why depression in your 30’s is natural and that happiness is just around the corner. He also advises what three things you need to do if you want success and happiness by the time you reach your 30’s. I’m here for the last one!

Vogue - 10 Steps to the Essential Minimalist Wardrobe.

Marie Claire - I started a company to pay off the cost of freezing my eggs. After a rare disease cost the 24-year-old her ovaries, Alix Peabody started Bev, a beverage company geared towards women. She traded in her 401k for $20,000 to launch her brand and last April she raised 7 million.

The New York Times - NYT Health explains the Coronavirus: the symptoms, the treatment, and the risks.

Architectural Digest - The Top 5 Destinations for Art and Design Lovers in February 2020. I was surprised to see Southern California on the list!

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Secondhand luxury: a few of my favorite brands for less on The Real Real

Spring Handbags

Spring Clothing

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movement - You may have heard of Taryn Toomey’s The Class before. It’s not just about a workout or exercising, its about a transformation. Well starting this month, dancer Julianne Hough is taking this concept to a whole new level with Kinrgy. Kinrgy is what Hough describes as expanded fitness and she is introducing it to the world in the ultimate of forums, Oprah’s 2020 vision tour.

temperature - I always wondered why I was closer to a cool 97.8 than the average 98.6 degrees. Well it turns out humans may be chilling out so to speak. Researchers say now that number was far too high and the average human body is closer to 97.5.

sustainability - Last week I shared my 2020 sustainability goals, a few sustainable fashion brands I love, and a capsule of neutral basics. But this year is not just about changing my closet, I’m also working to change my mindset. Have you heard of blockchain technology? With their newest technology, IBM has created a way (and an app) to track where your cup of coffee is coming from. “Thank My Farmer” will be available soon. Read more about it here in Wired.

party food - Having a few friends over next Sunday? Here are 4 recipes guaranteed to impress your Super Bowl guests (or hostess if you’re bringing an app). The French onion dip looks incredible!

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52 places to go in 2020

The NYT just released their list and we’ll give you a hint, Washington, D.C. is #1. I went to college in D.C. and highly recommend the city for a long weekend. There is so much to discover beyond the monuments and museums including amazing shopping, restaurants, and rich history. Here are a few D.C. travel guides we love:

NYT - 36 Hours in D.C.

Goop - The Washington D.C. Guide

Posted on January 26, 2020 .