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Vanity Fair - The Best Movies and Shows on Netflix to Watch While Stuck at Home

goop - Tips, Tools, and Research for Staying Healthy and Bolstering Your Immune System. Here is a refresher on the podcast I shared a few weeks ago on The Foods that Help Prevent and Beat Disease.

Vogue - Feels Like a Steal: The Only Pan I’m Using to Cook at Home This Year. From one of the editors at Vogue. At first glance the price seems a little high but no, this pan does EVERYTHING! We have a small kitchen and not a ton of storage space so I’m seriously considering this.

The New York Times - There is plenty of food in the country. Americans have been alarmed by empty grocery shelves, but while food suppliers and retailers say they are struggling with surging demand, they insist the supply chain remains strong according to the NYT.


Everything I’m wearing at home this week

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exercise - One of the best ways to ward off anxiety and cope with stress is exercise. With gyms closing across the US people are turning to other outlets to get their sweat on. We don’t have a peloton at home and I’m not a big runner so I’m planning on trying a different route. Click here to check out my amazing trainer’s private Facebook group he created for online classes. When you sign up, you will be able to join as many sessions as you want in the next week. All sessions will be available to watch later and you’ll have access to them for a full month! Yay Countdown Fitness for putting this together!

bodysuit - I haven’t worn a bodysuit since jazz class in the second grade! Leave it to Everlane to create the perfect one (and make it $35). I went all in and got the thong version and it is so comfortable. I love how soft it is and it looks great paired with high-waisted denim. They also make it in black which would look great with a black skinny jean and oversized cardigan!

make - Half-Baked harvest is just the best. I share her recipes all the time in The Sunday Section because they’re so good and easy to make. Not easy because they’re uncomplicated or lacking flavor, but easy because of the way she breaks them down for you. Many of them are accompanied by youtube videos like this one. Takeout peanut noodles are my favorite and I will absolutely be trying these out this week.

serum - Vitamin-C but for your face! I’ve been hearing about how wonderful Drunk Elephant’s skincare is for the longest time and finally decided to try one of their products. I purchased this serum from Sephora last week and so far I’ve been loving it. Seven days later my skin does feel brighter and tighter. I also like the fact that they suggest refrigeration for increased potency. Highly recommend!


Closet Refresh

Since most of us will be spending the next couple of weeks at home, I wanted to share some of my tips for cleaing out your closet for Spring! It is the perfect activity to do when you have some extra time indoors and the end result is very rewarding.

step 1: Begin by removing items in sections. For example, start with all of your sweaters. Pull them off the shelves and onto a bed or the floor. Clean the shelves with a cleaning spray like this one. This will help prevent moths. Go through each sweater one by one to determine if it needs to be laundered again before being stored. Do not store anything with a stain or strong odor (from perfume or food etc.). Also check to make sure none of your sweaters have started to pill. If they have, clean them up with an electric shaver like this one.

step 2: Once you’ve checked your closet and cleaned it, go through your winter items and decide if there is anything you would like to sell or donate (you can also begin doing this during step 1). One rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn it for the season do not save it. Unless it holds sentimental value, the chances you end up wearing it next Fall are very small. I use Poshmark, The Real Real, and Fashionphile to sell items for myself and my clients. You can refer to this post for when to use each one. After I post my items I store them in a bin so they’re easy to grab once sold.

step 3: Place your Spring/Summer clothing into your closet…YAY! I love these hangers. I actually purchased mine from Home Goods when we first moved in but these are the most similar to the ones I have. This is also a good time to assess, “Am I going to wear this?”. Try things on and edit! If your favorite jeans that didn’t fit you last summer still don’t fit, bye bye!

step 4: Prevention. There is nothing more frustrating than investing in a beautiful garment and finding it has been eaten by a moth. I use these lavender sachets in our closets and they seem to work well. the most important thing though is not putting worn clothing back into your closet. Moths love strong scents from perfume and of course food!

Happy cleaning!

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