Cindy Trotta of Cindy Hattersley // white maxi dress for spring  with black combat boot

l e s s i s m o r e

When it comes to shopping a sale, I’ve always said less is more. I know that with phrases like “fewer, better” swirling around these days it may start to sound cliche, but really, don’t get duped into overfilling your cart for 15% off. My advice to my clients: At the beginning of every season start to hear the pieces you love. If you have to have them at full price, buy them. Chances are if you’re loving it, there could be 100 people behind you and if its a small brand, it will sell out. If you can wait, hold tight! Once a sale is announced you’ll be prepared and can immediately shop your favorites. One impulse buy is OK but no one wants to end a season with a closet full of regrets. Below I rounded up four pieces I’m eyeing this sale (or already have at home and love).



a natural mule

a floral bikini

denim shorts

a white dress

also loving…

my closet favorites…

the Levi’s wedgie jean

my tretorn sneaks…like the keds you had as a kid but better!

these heart earrings!

I wear this loveshackfancy dress as a coverup too!

Posted on March 3, 2020 and filed under Outfits.