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Harper’s Bazaar - Everyone Is Home Right Now, But Who’s Doing All the “Home” Work? I love this recommendation, “If your partner is taking on a task, don't offer to help or make a list. Instead, each person should own their task from start to finish. If you are making dinner, pick the menu, cook it, and get it to the table. If you’re both working from home, consider two-to-four hour shifts of “watching” the kids (i.e.,brainstorming constructive activities, getting materials ready, and carrying out the plan).”

Vogue - Adult acne anyone? If you’ve been breaking out during quarantine, you’re not alone. This week my skin launched a full force attack on me and I started to panic. This article explains why. “Falling off your routine is one big reason why so many people are breaking out right now,” Schaffran elaborates. “But stress is the biggest one”, says dermatologist Robin Schaffran, M.D.

Forbes - New Data Show Air Pollution Drop Around 50 Percent In Some Cities During Coronavirus Lockdown. According to scientists from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, Paris has seen nitrogen dioxide drop by 54 percent, while Madrid, Milan and Rome saw a drop of nearly 50%. So what does this mean for our cities once the lockdown is lifted? Will we work to keep these numbers down?

Town & Country - How Stately Homes Like Downton Abbey’s Highclere Castle Are Coping During the Coronavirus Pandemic. With a skeleton staff, no visitors, and hundreds of rooms to look after, being lady of manor during a pandemic is harder than you might think.

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design - The indoor/outdoor rug in our kitchen. We’ve had this rug for a couple of years now and it still looks like new. The label recommends that you hose it down to clean but I wash it in our machine every two weeks (no dryer) and haven’t had any issues. Another most asked about rug in our house? The one in our living room! I can’t recommend it enough. It is extremely soft and because it’s a wool/sisal mix you can also easily remove stains. Our color is the “light grey”. I originally found it on Amazon three years ago when we first moved in! I can’t believe its been so long.

make - If you can get your hands on a whole chicken, this recipe is incredible. I added potatoes and used half of the butter and it was so delicious!

listen - “How to Manage Money through a Crisis” in a special goop podcast with Ellevest founder and Wall Street powerhouse, Sallie Krawcheck. Some of my biggest takeaways from Sallie: It’s not about timing the market it’s about time in the market. Your financial situation needs to be secure but if you can take a long term perspective, now is the time to invest. Women tend to be better investors because we take the long game and don’t look as much.

art - Just before the holidays I walked into a small home boutique in Soho, NY and fell in love. Everything perfectly curated and beautiful, it was like I had dreamed it up. Then I saw they had Maman Freres loose leaf tea and I knew I had found my place. French is another example of a small business being hit hard by the pandemic. Their original store is in Calabasas, CA and the NY location was only 6 months old before shutting down. The framed Antoinette Poisson print pictured above was purchased at French. Every day I pass it and still love it as much as the moment I saw it (sounds so romantic, right? HAHA). Click here to send French a note about purchasing one:)

notebook - WFH style. I don’t have an office or even a desk at home so most of my work is done from our dining room table. After months of searching I finally found a notebook and calendar that fits my workflow and style! Love everything from Appointed. They just launched the “district notepad” that directly helps local DC families.

Posted on April 19, 2020 .