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PBS - Ten Little Known Black History Facts. As I continue to educate myself, I found PBS to be a great resource for articles and short films like this one.

National Geographic - Remembering ‘Red Summer,’ when white mobs massacred Blacks from Tulsa to D.C.

goop - Understanding Environmental Racism and How to Fight It.

GQ - How to Do More Push Ups in Just Two Weeks!

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I am SO excited to share that I’ve become a Jenni Kayne Ambassador! This means I’ll be sharing one to two of my favorite pieces each month with you AND you can use my discount code CindyT20 for 20% off every time you order! Everything Jenni Kayne designs is timelessly classic and effortlessly chic. The quality is incredible and I love knowing that I’m investing in pieces I’ll have for a long time like these mules. I also love this simple style that comes in three colors.

Did you know Jenni Kayne also has a collection for Home? This is one of my favorite coffee table books of all time! It makes the best housewarming gift. I also love this basketweave throw. We’ve had it on our bed but I just moved it to a basket downstairs for the boys to use (pictured above!).

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Juneteenth - June 19th may be over but the work we need to do to make it a Federal holiday is not. This website was created specifically to educate people on what Juneteenth means and how to spread the word about its importance in your local community.

watch -There are shows that I put on in the background while working at night and then there are shows that I shut my computer for. Still on the fence about The Order on Netflix but I will say it was tough not to watch (and binge). I love starting a show that has two seasons. Less waiting time! Click here to watch the trailer. I would describe it as Twilight meets Dawson’s Creek.

spray - This is the natural spray I use on our family to combat ticks. We also have our lawn sprayed with a natural oil once a month but the best prevention is still a bath or shower every night along with a tick check!

shop - I recently discovered Trouva, a website that shares 100s of small and independent boutiques across the UK and Europe. I was looking for stockists for a new to me brand called Studio Noos and found their “Teddy Mom Bag” at a boutique in London. Immediately went down a rabbit hole! How lovely is this framed poster for a children’s room?

dress - I wore this dress to the beach the other night and it is perfect! It’s under $100 and selling out quickly so be sure to check it out fast! It runs big (I’m wearing a size 2) and is a lovely light material for summer. The white one is lined!

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Happy Summer!

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Posted on June 21, 2020 .