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14 Old Westmoor Farm

14 Old Westmoor Farm

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Last month I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. We partnered with J Pepper Frazier, a premier real estate firm on Nantucket, for a dream family vacation. When we first visited the island last year, I knew I wanted to return (as soon as possible) this summer. It is truly a magical place unlike no other. If you’ve never been to the island It is at the top of my list of places to visit in the US.

JPFCO thinks of everything. They found us a home beyond our wildest dreams: walking distance to town, boy themed rooms including a playroom, and a pool setting that felt like something out of Cottages and Gardens. We all wanted to send for our things in CT and stay forever! 14 Old Westmoor, which is available for rent and for sale, is perfect if you’re traveling by yourselves, or with family. The house is divided in a way that everyone can spend quality time together and also have privacy when they want. Perfect for entertaining friends or in-laws!

This is going to be a tough vacation to beat and Luke is already asking if we can go back next week:) Sharing some of my favorite pictures from our trip below! If you have any questions about our stay please send me a note or leave a comment!


I have this thing with gates and this one was magical…

I have this thing with gates and this one was magical…


From the moment we arrived, the house was set up for family time. The current owners have three boys so Luke and Harry were over the moon when they saw the surfer themed bedroom and an amazing loft playroom filled with toys. My favorite discovery was the bucket bike. I’ll never forget riding with the boys into town for lunch and then racing back in the rain.

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While the boys were napping one afternoon I took a 30-minute soak in this incredible bathtub. It was two days into our vacation and it was great to stop and think about our time so far.


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Every inch of this house is charming…

Every inch of this house is charming…

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