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I’ve always liked having fewer, better things. I remember in college using three months of saved babysitting money to buy one blouse from my favorite store in Georgetown (I still have it by the way!). While all my friends were buying weekly from Urban Outfitters on M Street, I was pining away for a new pair of shoes (WAY out of my budget) from a little boutique tucked away on Wisconsin Avenue. The women that worked there definitly thought I was crazy - visiting often and buying never.

I fall in love with things. I dream about them, I style them in my head, and then I set a goal. It sounds silly but thats how I do it. One of my biggest investment pieces is my Cartier Love Bracelet. It was in my early 20’s when I first learned about it. I went with a friend to the Vogue offices to drop off samples of her jewelry and the receptionist was wearing one. I whispered to my friend about it and she told me what it was. I remember going home and telling my then boyfriend (now husband) Frank about it and we both nearly fell over when we looked up the price. PS it was less than half the price it is now. This is why they’re called investment pieces hehe….

Fast forward 10 years later. Luke was born and after holding out and saving every birthday, anniversary, and Christmas, we bought it. I haven’t taken it off since (its been 4 years) and I truly love it just as much as I did when I was 20. So there it is. I have a few other splurge pieces (a black Chanel WOC that I bought for myself after my first bonus at Ralph Lauren) but the Cartier bracelet is my most special.

I’ve talked about splurge pieces before on the blog. Obviously you’re not going to wait 10 years every time you want to invest in a new handbag BUT I always recommend waiting at least a few weeks once you’ve seen something. Pinterest is also a great tool for finding inspiration and helping you “dream” about how your new piece will look. I’ve had my heart set on this bag for a long time. For a while I was looking for it secondhand but I don’t think I’ll be able to find the exact combination i’m looking for. What’s on your list? I would love to hear from you guys in the comments:)





Posted on April 19, 2019 and filed under Outfits.