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Valentine's Day


leather jacket (old Theory, similar here and here) // top c/o BURU // skirt c/o BURU // heels (old Ralph Lauren, similar here and here) // sunglasses Celine // purse Chanel

Thoughts on Valentine’s Day this year

I was recently with a group of moms discussing our relationship with our husbands and tackling the question, “Are we taking care of them?”. At the end of the conversation the consensus was that we all felt we were taking care of our families as a whole, but not specifically the needs of our husbands as an individuals. I think this is a really important topic in an age that is very female focused - Are women being heard? Are women seen as equals? Are our needs being met? While of course the answers to these questions are important, we also don’t want to lose sight of the men in our lives, their feelings, opinions, and needs matter too! Someone brought up the point that they were little boys too once with dreams, hopes, and desires. That really stuck with me as a mom of two boys. I’m putting ever ounce of energy into loving my sons, teaching them, and trying to raise two solid young men who will one day have a family of their own. What would I want their relationship with their spouse to look like?

OK why am I bringing this up? …. Well the topic of Valentine’s Day came up and again we all said ok, if we’re looking at it from the man’s perspective, why do they always have to plan the day? What if we were to plan the perfect date for our husbands and ask what they wanted to do? So this year, thats my plan! It was actually really funny…I immediately sent Frank a note asking him and his response was very specific:) I’m going to keep our plans between us as he is very private but it felt good to ask him what he wanted to do for a change!






Last year my friend Caitlin from The Picket Fence Project created the cutest DIY Valentine’s. This year we decided to partner and share them with our followers! You can see how to assemble them on my stories today and I will also save them to my highlights. To receive the card template via email, please follow instructions on today’s Instagram post!

Here is everything else you will need:

  • Order these fish from Amazon

  • Order this washi tape (this is more than you will ever need but I promise you’ll use it for other things!)

  • Order this string and if you don’t have a hole punch here is a link to that too!





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