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Using natural and organic products has always been important to me. Ok, wait, let me take a step back. Eating natural and organic products has always been important to me. It was probably something that started early on during my summers in Belgium. Everything was from the farm, baked fresh, and required a short shelf life. I would return back home to the states and didn't understand how/why we ate bread that lasted a week plus. I also loved the system they used for glass bottles. At the beginning of the week water and other beverages would be dropped off in crates. When you finished a bottle you would return the empty glass bottle to the crate. At the end of the week the delivery company would pick up your empty bottles. Always recycling and always glass. I digress. 

When you're getting ready for the arrival of your first baby you want everything to be perfect. I did tons of research on the best baby skin care products, formula, cleaning products for our home, etc. After Luke was born something changed. Maybe it was the time we spent together nursing but I kept thinking, is this stuff I'm wearing on my face ok for him to have on his? The same went for my body lotion. And so it began...the hunt for as many natural and organic products as I could find! If you want to see more on my summer beauty routine click here!




+ Bright eyes without the cake! Add a drop of your favorite face oil into the palm of your hand. Mix with concealer and dab over dark circles. My absolute favorite organic concealer plus this oil 

+ For the low back, the slinky silk summer tops and dresses Nippie Covers 

+ Traveling? No problem! Favorite Travel Steamer  

+ Not exactly a beauty hack but wanted to share this mascara. I use it everyday unless I'm shooting for the blog or going to a formal event. On those occasions I still wear my pharmacy brand stuff (which I hate doing but its always darker and lasts!). Still haven't found an organic one that I can wear 24/7. 

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