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goop - I loved this interview with the founder of Virtuvi. I love my diffuser so much and can honestly say that over a year later, it makes me happy every time I turn it on. My favorite scent is Pacific.

Harper’s Bazaar - How resentment will ruin your marriage…

The Atlantic - A couple in San Francisco making over 300k a year and “barely scraping by and not able to save”. This article sheds light on income and geographic inequalities and the normalization of high spending patterns like a $15 salad or a nanny for more than 30k a year. “I think the rise of the high-octane couple has increased this sense of generalized household stress, which no amount of money can buy you out of.”

The Food Network - The dirty truth about your kitchen sponge and how to sanitize it. Personally we use a brush to do our dishes, I try to put it in the dishwasher once a week and replace every 4 months or so (when I remember).

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What I wore this week:

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Troutbeck - Its not too late to plan a weekend getaway before the holidays or surprise someone you love with one in January or February. Have you ever heard of Troutbeck? Its an award-winning country house estate set in rural Amenia, New York. They just completed a massive renovation in 2018 and according to Conde Nast Traveler it is “Hudson Valley Chic”. Officially added to my list!

cookbook - Already on my stocking stuffer list for my foodie friends is this gluten free gem is packed with 100 recipes. James Beard recognized chef Aron Goyoga’s book guarantees to not only help create good meals but also bring mindfulness back into the kitchen and create meaningful gatherings with family and friends. Sounds like something Priya Parker might enjoy!

gold necklace - I’m loving the gold chain necklace trend. Its one of those pieces that yes, you would purchase it now because its a thing, BUT, its also timeless and still something that I would love to have even after the trend fades. Here are two that have caught my eye recently: this one and also this style.

faux sherpa coat - I shared this $35 sherpa coat on stories this week and you all LOVED it! I took a chance when I ordered it and was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived. Here are answers to my most commonly asked questions about it: I purchased a small, it doesn’t look as white in person as it does in the picture - its more of a creamy color, it seems well made and 100% worth it for the price tag.

budget buys I’m currently loving -

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La Mercerie

I’ve talked about here and on Instagram many times before - I almost always judge the quality of my road trips, vacations, and daily excursions, on the meals that eat. I blame my Dad. Growing up he taught us how lovely it was to slow down on the weekends, discover a new town, sit and have lunch, and drive around some more. For me, the food is only where it begins….What is the ambiance of a place? Do they have a tiny bookstore attached? Do they have a wall of loose leaf tea to choose from? How does it feel? Its one of the reasons I’ve always wanted to open a small cafe. I want the challenge of improving someone’s mood with an experience and for me I love doing it with food and drink.

I first heard of La Mercerie last winter when I stayed with a girlfriend in the city for a girl’s night. We tried to get in but it was an impossible last minute Sunday brunch reservation. Fast forward to Thursday - I was mid-photoshoot and was looking for a place to change when my photographer mentioned grabbing a coffee and suggested we run into the restaurant on the corner. I didn’t notice the name at first as my eyes were drawn to the lush green decor covering the facade and the perfectly imperfect pumpkins scattered throughout. We walked in and I instantly recognized the grand room filled with excited people, and elegant autumnal decor. I quickly changed and we left (insert awkward emoji here). After my shoot returned for a celebratory lunch of sorts and to my surprise the maitre d pointed to a perfect spot looking out on the street. LONG story short, La Mercerie is worth it. The atmosphere and the food were lovely. Attached to the restaurant is a florist shop and an insanely overpriced home store perfect for browsing. I ordered the nicoise salad and also highly recommend the buckwheat crepes. It was a very special treat!