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Hi friends! If you told me last year that I would be posting about makeup I would have laughed! Up until a few months ago my routine consisted of a motley collection of samples I received at the Saks beauty counter, in event gift bags, CVS mascara, and a Laura Mercier foundation stick that I swear by. Even for photoshoots I would throw on a little extra blush and bronzer and be on my way! I don't have a ton of time in the morning (who really does?) so I always kept it really simple. It wasn't until I met Siobhan from Organachs that I starting thinking about refining my products and more importantly switching to natural and organic products. After she introduced me to the Kjaer Weiss line it seemed so obvious. "I would never use a product containing any of these chemicals on Luke or Harrison, so why would I use them on myself?...EVERYDAY!". After a super simple makeup application I was hooked! I'm definetly a makeup rookie but here are a couple tips that I've learned so far:

  • Be cautious when trying new products. I made the mistake of trying multiple things at once and after I developed a rash it was hard to figure out which product it was from
  • Beauty Hack: Apply face oil before applying foundation especially if you use foundation all over (which I wouldn't recommend) It will prevent your skin from looking cake-like or dry and will give you an overall dewy glow!

5 minute makeup

step 1: apply face oil

step 2: foundation 

step 3: apply cream blush

step 4: apply bronzer

step 5: fill in brow

step 6: mascara

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Hi there! Welcome to my first beauty post! Since starting Cindy Hattersley I've received so many questions about my skincare routine. I'm a big fan of the "less is more" approach and I have to admit, it's pretty basic. BUT the key has always been natural ingredients.  I've been using Tata Harper skincare for almost 8 years! She is sort of a pioneer in the organic skincare space. When I met her I was instantly inspired by her story - her step dad was diagnosed with Cancer and when she started to help him "detox" the products he was using, she realized there was nothing 100% natural/organic on the market. I love everything about her line especially the scents of her products, so natural and clean. 

About two years ago a discovered JuiceBeauty at Whole Foods. I was looking for an affordable moisturizer to switch things up a bit and I fell in love! You can't beat the prices (my antioxidant moisturizer is $39) and I find it to be really effective during the dry winter months. SO when I heard that one of my favorite websites/brands GOOP was teaming up with Juice Beauty I was super psyched. I bought this discovery set and I'm only about three weeks in but I LOVE it! Especially the face oil! 

  • I first tried this face wash when I purchased a Theory x Lola box for International Women's day. It was filled with goodies and one of my favorites was this product. I use it every night (in the morning's I just splash water on my face and re-apply moisturizer). The smell is very clean!
  • I have a thing for face oils....I used to think it was weird - how does applying oil to your face not make you break out? Now that I've been using them for years I'm addicted. I highly recommend this one and this one is my new favorite. 
  • The first skincare product I ever switched from mainstream to holistic was my deodorant. I once read an article linking aluminum containing antiperspirants to breast cancer and I immediately switched to an all natural deodorant. Disclaimer: The natural ones are NEVER going to work as well as the chemical ridden ones, BUT thats a trade I'm willing to make! This is my current favorite

Check out this article, Clean Beauty - And Why It's Important and you'll be hooked just like I am!



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