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make this

I love Chef Chloe’s food. I honestly never knew food could taste this good. Vegan or not, her flavors and her creativity are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in a meal. Last year I was lucky enough to attend a five-course lunch created by her and Jean Goerges at the Inn at Pound Ridge - it was heaven. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to eat EVERYTHING on a menu so this was a real treat. I can’t wait until she opens ip something more permanent in NYC! Here is her recipe for banana bread!

practice this

It is supposed to take 21 days to form a habit of low to medium complexity, so start applying sunscreen every morning and wearing a hat when appropriate to get ready for summer sun. Here is an article featuring some of the best natural products on the market for sun. This one was our family favorite last summer! Also love wearing this tinted sunscreen during warm weather months.

read this

40 things in 40 years. This piece is a must read. My biggest takeaway was this line: Real wealth is health. That rings so true for me especially after becoming a mom. I also loved numbers four and sixteen (“F” luck!). The whole thing is SPOT ON.

get this

I tried this basic white tee last week and thought it was great. Both the short boxier version and the classic were a great fit. The fabric is really soft and you can’t beat the $30 price tag!

design this

I’m almost finished with the boy’s bedroom. Hehe! It’s not easy! I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from online but its so tough to commit because there is so much that I love! Check out actress Lucy Liu’s playroom. She uses kid friendly colors in neutral tones for a more laid back vibe. Here’s a sneak peak at the nightstand I ordered for between their beds!

eat this

I’ve been on a bit of a smoothie kick recently. Breakfast is my JAM. I like every meal but I really enjoy eating well in the morning. I used to be a huge fan of eggs because I thought they were the most filling option but at a recent doctor’s appointment I let it slip how often I was eating them - no bueno! Apparently 5 days a week is not great for your cholesterol. Who knew?! So I set out to find something just as simple to make and more importantly just as satisfying.

I always wanted to be a smoothie girl but they overwhelmed me. You always have to have your fridge stocked with fruits and greens and then there is the issue of cleaning the blender. I could never get it right and after all that, it didn’t even taste that great. I probably should write a post about this but in walks Sakara. I’ve been using their life source packets and I’m addicted. I first ordered the 10 day box a month after giving birth to Luke. What I love about it is it has a longer shelf life than the food in a traditional cleanse/meal plan so you can space things out and do it on your own time. Also this is the blender that we have and its so easy to use/clean! Use code girlguide25 for 25% off your 10 day reset box.