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Everything you need to know about bone broth from my friends at NIT NOI



I’m so excited to share today’s post with you and introduce you to my friends North and Jillian Shutsharawan. Together they launched Nit Noi Provisions, a Thai bone broth and soup company based in Norwalk, CT. I was over the moon excited when I discovered that they had decided to leave NYC and return home to Fairfield County. If you follow me in Instagram you know how much I love food and even more so how much I love discovering new local spots. Nestled just beyond a loading dock, the Nit Noi kitchen is everything you’d want it to be and more. It feels like home.

The first time I tasted Nit Noi broth I was immediately converted. My two thoughts were ONE, “How have I been living my life without this?” and TWO, “How am I going to incorporate this into my family’s weekly meals?”. Also, I knew that there were health benefits to drinking bone broth but I needed a refresher. I remembered reading this article years ago and found it to be very helpful. I also remember thinking to myself that although it looked great, I felt very overwhelmed at the thought of making it myself. In walks Nit Noi! My favorite is the Tom Kha Gai (available on Fridays only) which is a Thai coconut soup made with pasture-raised chicken bone broth, organic coconut milk, organic chicken breast, mushroom, galangal, kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass, and chili oil, served with a side of bone broth jasmine rice. DELICIOUS! I’m determined to order it enough that they have to call it “Cindy Hattersley” one day:)




“The real origin of Nit Noi Provisions is on the slopes of Telluride, Colorado, where Jillian and North lived after getting married. Telluride is a very special place, and endless source of inspiration and gratitude, both for the couple and the business.”


Nit Noi FAQ

How long can I store Nit Not Broth?

One week in the fridge, 10 days maximum. Please use your best judgment after a week. It may be stored for up to one year in the freezer, but we recommend using within 6 months. 

How should I use it? 

Drink it in your favorite vessel (mug, bowl, Yeti), season with earthy spices and supplements, use it for soups, rice, stews, stir fry liquid. Please visit our website for recipes and inspiration. 

Why do you freeze it? 

We don’t use any preservatives, concentrates or whatever else is present in commercial broths. We freeze for more functional transport, freshest flavor, and sustainability of nutrient density. 

How do I thaw it? 

The best way to thaw frozen Nit Not is to let it defrost in the refrigerator overnight. For faster defrosting, run the container under cool tap water to loosen the broth block and bring to a simmer in a pan on the stovetop. 

Can I refreeze it? 

Absolutely, we love freezing it in ice cube trays for easy access during future food preparation. 

Where do your bones come from? 

Pastured animals, free of hormones, antibiotics and GMOs. 

Does your broth contain gluten? Sugar? Dairy? Soy? 

No, no, no,  and no. 

When are you open? 

Our kitchen is open for broth only on Tuesdays, and for broth, noodles and daily specials Wednesday-Friday, 10:30a-3p. We are a full time vendor at the Westport Farmer’s Market in the summer (Thursdays) and a bimonthly vendor at the Westport Farmer’s Market at Gilbertie’s during the winter (Saturdays). 

How do I get into the Nit Not Kitchen? 

95 Water Street, same building as SoNo Bakery. Please park in either municipal lot and enter through the loading dock. Follow the elephant signs to the kitchen. 

Do you deliver? 

We currently offer delivery to Darien, Westport and Norwalk Wednesday-Friday. If unavailable to accept our delivery, please pre-order and leave a cooler or cooler bag at your door for Calvin. 

Where can I find Nit Not outside of the Westport Farmer’s Market or South Norwalk? 

We’re available at Double L Market in Westport, Mike’s Organic in Stamford, the Village Market in Wilton, Walter Stewart in New Canaan, Fleisher’s Craft Butchery in Westport (veg. broth only), Sport Hill Farm Stand in Easton (seasonal), New Canaan Butcher Shop. 

If you feel our product line would be a good fit for a favorite local business, please let us know! Thank you in advance! 

What does Nit Noi mean? 

Nit Noi means “a little bit” in Thai. `

How can I stay in touch? 

We send a weekly email and pre-order form via email, and/or instragram/Facebook.


“Nit Noi finds it's heart in Bangkok, at a family gathering, surrounded by food. The recipe belongs to North's Grandmother (Khun Yai), who makes the best Guay Teow Gai: rice noodles, chicken, and savory chicken broth enhanced with Thai herbs and spices.

We developed Nit Noi Provisions to offer the highest quality, handcrafted bone broths and meals, created with the care, recipes and wisdom of Khun Yai. 

We are committed to using only local and organic ingredients, and sustainable packaging. We're inspired to cook like Khun Yai, from scratch, inherently intuitive, seasonal and delicious.”


Photography by Julia Dags

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