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Net-A-Porter - It’s that 70’s show and shearling is everywhere. I’ve been sharing lots of ways to style it on my IG stories and Pinterest ever since I discovered the sherpa coat from Walmart. This article shares a few other ideas and some insight into one this season’s hottest trends.

Vogue - Ummm, wait what? I was stunned when I saw where Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson were just spotted “vacationing”! Hillsdale, NY is just a stone’s throw from South Egremont where my parents had a home for the last decade before selling it last year. No one was ever in Hillsdale when I was there haha! I guess I’m not the only one who sees The Berkshires as the perfect winter refuge from the city.

goop - Winter getaways to plan right now. I’ve always wanted to go on a ski-cation out west but that’s just not in the cards this year. I’m thinking maybe two days with Frank in the Hamptons in January. This amazing place has been on my list for a little while now…AESTHETIC GOALS!

Food & Wine - A chef’s secret to the creamiest mashed potatoes…on the fence about this one!


All that glitters and sparkles for your holiday fête…


drink of choice - I’m a bourbon/whiskey kind of girl. I don’t know if its the Belgian in me, but I’ve always loved strong woodsy flavors…and beer. Here is a holiday version of my favorite cocktail - a “Morrison” (Moscow) mule.

recipe - OK, ok. I know what you’ll be thinking when you click on this link….”She always shares recipes from Half Baked Harvest!”. I admit it, I do, but she’s that good! Thanksgiving week is always a tough one. Its only Monday night and you’re already feeling like you have to save room for Thursday. Well this 30 minute coq au vin chicken meatballs is worth the space. If mashed potatoes hit too close to home this week, sub brown rice!

clothing rack - I searched high and low when I was looking for a clothing rack to use for shoots and videos. I wanted something that would blend into my clean and neutral aesthetic and wouldn’t break the bank. This one checked all the boxes and is under $50.

tea lover - Have a tea lover in your life? Or maybe you’re one? Here are a few of my favorite tea lover gifts like this cold brew set. This gorgeous gray kettle is a splurge but a lifer and cast iron so you don’t have to worry about boiling water coming into contact with plastic.

lip balm - My favorite lip balm and a great add-on for anyone on your list (men included). This small-batch formula is made of natural ingredients. Linking it via Amazon for easy shipping.


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