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a n a t u r a l s o l u t i o n

A little part of me just died of embarrassment typing out the title of this post. In the beginning of the Fall I shared on Instagram my struggles with finding a natural deodorant. None of them worked for me and I was inevitably smelly mid-way through the day. I figured it was just me, my chemistry, and I (and Frank) would have to live with it…forever! When I shared my pain in stories one day last summer, I was shocked at how many responses I received. Almost 1,000 messages with suggestions of natural deodorants that worked for you and also so many messages asking for me to share my findings. I’m so happy I shared…because it led me to this point…smell-free!

Have you ever heard of an armpit detox? I hadn't. Pretty Frank, formally known as Primal Pit Paste makes one and it is incredible. It saved me. The new name makes me laugh…maybe I should pitch Frank to them as their knew spokesman:) Anyway, the way it works is you literally are detoxing your armpits with their baking soda and charcoal deodorant sticks. I did it for three weeks. They also include a primer to calm irritation during the process but I didn’t find it necessary. My only warning re: the process is to be careful when using the charcoal at night - it will stain your light colored clothing.

After the detox it was like magic. I started re-testing all of the natural deodorants I was interested in and they were working! Some better than others, but for the first time I was able to WORK OUT and not smell. I’ve rounded up my top picks below with my favorite being the one from Corpus.

pretty frank (formally primal pit paste)


I love everything about this one - the packaging, the smell, and most importantly I love that it goes on clear. It also doesn’t stain my white shirts.


This was my second favorite. It worked, but I didn’t love the first scent I tried. I do recommend it however if you’re looking to switch to natural.

Agent Nateur - The Holi stick

This is the one I was using (and smelling with) before I did the pit detox. Now? I can wear it no problem. They also make one for Men that Frank uses.

Posted on January 9, 2020 and filed under Wellness.