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DIY: how to reuse your glass candle jar


I recently posted a picture of my bathroom cabinet and received so many messages about this repurposed candle glass for my makeup and q-tips. I’m not a huge DIY kind of girl but every once in a while I surprise myself! This one is super easy and would also look great on a nightstand, desk, or in your closet. I love repurposing glass and I always feel bad throwing it away. We’ve been using this jelly for years and I have about 20 glasses now that we use for drinking and also for the kids crayons, pens, etc. Stay turned for pics of how we use those in our playroom:)



step one

burn your amazing diptyque candle (you can use anything for this but these are my favorite aesthetically and love all the scents!)

step two

once you have burned down the candle as much as possible, scrape the remaining wax out with a bread knife. Most of it should just pop out!

step three

for the remaining wax, place the jar in the microwave for 10 seconds and wipe out with a paper towel or old towel. Repeat as needed

step four

rinse the glass with warm water and soap, et voila!