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chocolate chip zucchini banana bread // the girl guide

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the everygirl - Memory loss - a symptom I was shocked to hear was related to anxiety. It makes sense though, when you’re anxious its harder to concentrate and retain or remember information. Memory is a tough one for me. Once I had the boys I prepared myself for the “mom brain” everyone warns you about. I even used the phrase when I was pregnant. Either way, in my 30’s I’ve found it much harder to sometimes “find my words” in conversation or remember the smaller things.

BBC - The best songs of 2019 so far! Little update for everyone asking for a Spotify playlist from Cindy Hattersley - I will share my first one next month! Right now I’ve been listening to The Civil Wars…great music for hanging out, cooking, drinking a glass of wine on the porch!

Vogue - Why you should replace your body lotion with oil. I personally hate applying lotion to my body. Its that extra step that I just don’t have time for. For some reason in my mind, throwing on a little body oil is easier. This is my favorite one right now. I also use the body wash,

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Some of the beauty products I can’t live without right now. For me summer is about minimalism and that goes for my skincare routine too. I want products that are clean, effective, travel well. These check all the boxes!

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podcast - Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’m not where I’m supposed to be in my life”? If so you’ll want to listen to this podcast with Stanford professor Dave Evans and the coauthor of Designing Your Life. You might discover that you’re actually exactly where you should be!

watch - I majored in Political Science and criminal justice in college. As a teenager my favorite classes were social studies and global history and I loved watching political thrillers. At ten years old I decided I wanted to become a lawyer after watching The Pelican Brief (just leave it to Julia Roberts hehe). Well that obviously didn’t happen but I do still live for historically based movies and shows. Two that I just finished and really enjoyed: The Last Czars on Netflix Chernobyl on HBO. Both will have you reaching for your phone and hitting up Wikipedia!

recipe - I recently discovered Half Baked Harvest and have fallen in love with her recipes. Pictured above is her olive oil banana and zucchini bread I made last month. Its a dense more savory take on the classic and a perfect afternoon snack or dinner dessert. Click here for her top 25 summer recipes…I’m trying the rosemary peach chicken next! PS I love that she uses a single cast iron for many of her recipes. This is the one we use.

trend - the summer blues: I’ve never been a big fan of navy but I do love a pretty cornflower blue. Here are a few pieces from one of this summer’s prettiest hue:

w h e r e

Yesterday morning we made a last minute decision to head into the city. The forecast said rain and the heat and humidity had us googling museums and other indoor attractions. We landed on The Museum of Natural History after seeing they had a new T-Rex exhibit. It was awesome! In retrospect, Harrison was a bit too young for it but it was amazing to see the other exhibits through his eyes. Luke loved it all, including a space movie in the planetarium.

This was the first 4th of July weekend that we didn’t spend in the Berkshires since my parents bought a house there in my early 20’s. I thought it would make me sad but I actually really enjoyed the change in scenery. New York City was a ghost town. The museum was actually filled with tourists also looking to escape the heat. In the afternoon we made our way downtown for some snacks and a little shopping:

Cha Cha Matcha - I love you so matcha:) I’ve been wanting to try this spot and it didn’t disappoint. When I walked in I was pleasantly surprised to find a curated assortment of gluten free and vegan treats. Highly recommend the matcha donut and the banana oats!

Maman Soho - Are you sick of me talking about this place yet? Its always consistent, reliable, and when you’ve got three hungry guys in your car you need a place like this! I love the hash brown salad with smoked salmon.

Milk bar - After I picked up some vegan and gluten free treats at cha cha matcha, the boys stopped here to try the cereal flavored ice-cream. Franks review: too sweet! He said it wasn’t his thing but Luke seemed to enjoy it:)

Prince Street Pizza - The line is always around the corner and now we know why! Grabbed a slice on the way home and the boys were all smiles!