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the stripe - I’ve been wanted to try the Summer Friday's masks for a while and loved this review by Grace Atwood. Love her makeup/beauty reviews in general!

the everygirl - What to expect when you see an FA for the first time. Love this site for quick tips and advice on everything from parenting tips to decor advice. Also experts say you should start investing right after graduation! I wish I had!

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This week was beautiful in CT. We had a few over 80 degree days which I’m not complaining about! I was in a dress mood (surprise!) and gave my shorts and denim a rest for most of the week.

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recipe - On stories this week I shared how I make my iced tea at home. Don’t ask me why but I used to get overwhelmed making it myself and I realized it was because I didn’t have the right tools. Also it never came out quite right (watered down, or not enough flavor). These tea bags made specifically for iced tea make it really easy. Follow the directions on the back of the tin for the perfect cup:) This is the pitcher I use. Its tall and thin making it ideal for the refrigerator door.

reuse - I recently discovered these reusable coffee mugs from porter and am hooked. I ended up gifting them to a few of Luke’s teachers this year. They’re so soft, easy to clean, and they fit in my car cupholder! Not to mention they come in the prettiest pastel colors.

trending - button-up dresses and jumpsuits. Nursing women everywhere should be super excited about one of this summer’s hottest trends. I love this style because it can easily be worn in a conservative office environment, or with sandals headed to the beach. Here’s a style for under $30.

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With the world at our fingertips and everything we could ever need or want just a click away, “the experience” has never been more valuable. The idea that human contact could one day be a commodity is becoming more true every day. When I walk into a coffee shop I‘m not just looking for a good cup of tea. I want it all - a setting that makes me reach for my phone to take a picture, a smiling barista inviting me in, an eclectic mix of locally sourced or homemade treats, and an overall buzz. If I have my kids with me that adds an additional list of pre-recs.

MAMAN in Soho, NYC checks all of these boxes. If you’re someone who also looks for “the experience” and lives in New York or you find yourself passing through, its a sure thing. I’ve been thinking a lot about this. People ask me how I worked in retail for so long and I always say, “It was because of the people”. I love creating a moment for someone and adding value to their day. Who knows….maybe I’ll open a coffee shop one day! :)

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