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Hi there! Welcome to my first beauty post! Since starting Cindy Hattersley I've received so many questions about my skincare routine. I'm a big fan of the "less is more" approach and I have to admit, it's pretty basic. BUT the key has always been natural ingredients.  I've been using Tata Harper skincare for almost 8 years! She is sort of a pioneer in the organic skincare space. When I met her I was instantly inspired by her story - her step dad was diagnosed with Cancer and when she started to help him "detox" the products he was using, she realized there was nothing 100% natural/organic on the market. I love everything about her line especially the scents of her products, so natural and clean. 

About two years ago a discovered JuiceBeauty at Whole Foods. I was looking for an affordable moisturizer to switch things up a bit and I fell in love! You can't beat the prices (my antioxidant moisturizer is $39) and I find it to be really effective during the dry winter months. SO when I heard that one of my favorite websites/brands GOOP was teaming up with Juice Beauty I was super psyched. I bought this discovery set and I'm only about three weeks in but I LOVE it! Especially the face oil! 

  • I first tried this face wash when I purchased a Theory x Lola box for International Women's day. It was filled with goodies and one of my favorites was this product. I use it every night (in the morning's I just splash water on my face and re-apply moisturizer). The smell is very clean!
  • I have a thing for face oils....I used to think it was weird - how does applying oil to your face not make you break out? Now that I've been using them for years I'm addicted. I highly recommend this one and this one is my new favorite. 
  • The first skincare product I ever switched from mainstream to holistic was my deodorant. I once read an article linking aluminum containing antiperspirants to breast cancer and I immediately switched to an all natural deodorant. Disclaimer: The natural ones are NEVER going to work as well as the chemical ridden ones, BUT thats a trade I'm willing to make! This is my current favorite

Check out this article, Clean Beauty - And Why It's Important and you'll be hooked just like I am!



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