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How to tie a chic Hermes scarf bow in your hair // silk scarf hair inspiration // Cindy Hattersley // Cindy Trotta



GUYS! I have been getting so much inspiration from Pinterest these days. Whether its before a shoot, while I’m shopping, or just getting dressed i’ve found it so helpful during this in between season. Also SPRING is coming and I want every look in my spring board. Check it out!


One of my go-to pieces to wear while transitioning to Spring are open knit cardigans like this one. Its all about the layers at this time of year on the East Coast (I wore a long cashmere cardigan under a suede trench today) and it can be tough especially at work to know how to deal when the temperature swings. This one is similar to the style I have and it is certainly an investment - but I guarantee you will get your moneys worth!


Ok - I never really understood all the hype around hair styling tools until now. I mean all hair dryers pretty much do the same thing right? I was completely content with my $39.99 CVS one until I tried THIS! A client mentioned it to me and let me try it out and I have to say it was been a game changer. Not only is it super powerful and dries my hair faster (which these days I’ll take all the extra minutes) but it has a super long cord and has been leaving my hair feeling softer and looking shinier. Trust me ladies, this is an electronic you’ll want as a Mother’s Day present! I am as shocked as you are:)


I’ve been working on the boys bedroom for the last few months and frankly been looking EVERYWHERE for inspiration! I don’t want to mess it up/see something else I like a couple months after I finish. I always try to fall in love with pieces for our house. Sidenote: the hardest thing has been finding matching twin beds for under $500 each. I loved this little piece of inspiration from the One Kings Lane blog. We have many of the items pictured in slightly different forms and it was helpful to see it all pulled together!


One of my favorite blog/websites just launched a group of courses for bloggers/influencers - really for anyone interested in content creation and they look amazing! When I started out I really struggled teaching myself how to use a program like Photoshop. Let me tell you, it is NOT self explanatory. I would have killed for a course like this one.


YUMM!! These snacks are sure to impress not only your kids but your friends too! I’m always looking for something more interesting than an apple with almond butter and I really try to control my dark chocolate cravings especially during the winter months. The banana sushi and no-bake blondies are my favorite!


Posted on March 11, 2019 .