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Huffington Post - Looks like baby Archie will be spending Christmas in the States! If you haven’t watched this clip yet, its a heartbreaker. Whether you like her or not, you can’t deny that it shows a very real and vulnerable side of Megan Markle. I can’t imagine the pressure she must be under as a new mother and dealing with the scrutiny and negative comments day after day is unimaginable. I’ll never forget the first critique I received via Instagram about my parenting. It stayed with me for weeks….and that was just one comment.

Bloomberg - This is my worst nightmare. I don’t like flying so the idea of being on a plane for almost 20 hours is terrifying. I found this article fascinating and felt my heart rate rising just reading about each hour on this never-ending journey to Sydney. If it happens, seems like a jet lag game changer for those traveling across the world.

National Geographic - nearly 70 percent of the Earth’s population lives within 100 miles of the coast, zones that could flood within decades according to National Geographic.

Vogue - Looking for more fashion inspo? Here is a round up of the best fashion Instagram accounts this week according to Vogue. Beware: I clicked on @emrata which sent me down a thirty-minute rabbit hole.


Anthropologie is 25% off (ends tonight)…


Zara home - If you don’t know, now you know. Walking into a Zara home store for the first time in Belgium last summer I was blown away! Not only did I want everything because the aesthetic was every neutral lover’s dream, but the prices were so reasonable I was shocked. Of course I could fit next to nothing in my almost exploding suitcase so I left with nothing but continued to admire their goods from afar (online). Click here to see this season - I’m starting with bedding for the boys. Will keep you posted!

resell - My favorite destination for buying and selling luxury handbags just discounted thousands of new pieces and I have my eye on a few! I’ll be doing a more in-depth post on this topic next week but for now just leaving you with this thought: “Do we really need our $$$ handbags to be brand new?”. Hint: Gen Z ( and I) are saying no!

recipes - these are two adventurous ones: the temperatures are dropping and its time for comforting soups and stews. This is the best beef bourguignon. who doesn’t love Ina? And for a dessert: these chocolate and peanut butter bars sound incredible! I wish I could bake! Its on my list of things to do more of this Fall. I love how she makes everything seem easier with her videos and tutorials!


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Last week I received a few messages about my post on weekend drives from Connecticut and New York. I LOVE when people ask me about short (2ish hours) road trips with kids. It makes me so happy to help parents live in a way that still feels fulfilling after kids. By fulfilled I mean quenching their sense of adventure, and the excitement of going somewhere new thats not necessarily geared towards children. Our kids have the best time in The Berkshires and I think part of the reason is that Frank and I are so happy when we’re there. We walk around town, hit up farmer’s markets, go into a few shops, nap, go on hikes, eat delicious food…ahhh I want to drive there right now!

The moral of the story is - check out my posts on The Berkshires here. Why I love them, what to do there, and where to stay (even on a budget). Don’t forget to share if you go:)

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