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It has been REALLY cold out this week! Luke's birthday is January 2nd and last year a full blown blizzard hit the east coast on the day of his party...everyone cancelled only a few hours before (sad face). I think I was more scarred than he was to be honest! After this week I'm seriously considering a lovely half birthday celebration in July:) Now they're saying we're supposed to be getting a bomb cyclone tomorrow, WHAT?! Fingers crossed for this year's party on Sunday!

Honestly my first what to pack post of the year should have been for the beach (hint, hint - I'm desperately trying to convince Frank of a weekend Florida getaway) but naturally my heart loves a good ski trip. We always go to the Berkshires but lately we've been talking about heading out west. Kid friendly suggestions welcome! I put a similar packing list together for a client of mine traveling to Europe for an annual family gathering in Switzerland. She wanted casual chic and to always feel "dressed" on and off the slopes. Another essential I had her buy was this face oil. It has been saving me the last few weeks! All these pieces can easily work on a trip to any cold climate!