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This past Friday the weather in Connecticut was BEAUTIFUL! At almost 70 degrees and sunny, my attention was immediately drawn to the patio in our backyard. We bought this outdoor farm table from Terrain nearly three years ago as a floor sample and decided to hold off on chairs because of the hefty price tags. Ever since then we’ve been using canvas folding chairs (that you would take to a sporting event LOL) and occasionally I’ll bring out our dining chairs from inside for formal dinners (like Easter Sunday two years ago). With all of this extra time being spent at home for the foreseeable future, I’m ready to make a purchase. In the land of no budgets I would get these. I love the chippendale look and they are the same wood as our table, a gray teak after some weathering. However, back to reality and I would love to get 6 chairs for under $800 if possible. On Friday night I asked for chair recommendations via IG stories and a follower sent me these. She sent me a pic of her set IRL and they look really great (the oatmeal colored cushion was more of a grayish white). I’m thinking of ordering them this week to see them in person and possibly these. Can’t wait for more warm weather AND one day having friends and family over again for dinner!



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