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Staying Healthy During The Winter



If you were to ask my family they would all probably agree that I'm a borderline hypocondriac. There, I said it! When I was about seven years old and we were traveling home from the Caribbean I got really sick on the plane and I think it scarred me! Ever since I've been obsessed with trying not to get sick, washing my hands before meals (especially in the winter) and sanitizing (I only used natural based ones but more on that later). Pregnancy kicked my fear into overdrive but now with two boys and little time to obsess over it, I feel like I've developed a good routine. Some of you have asked me what I do to boost my immunity and for natural solutions to staying healthy during cold a flu season. The flu seems to be worse than ever this year and not even the flu shot is 100% effective but I've found that these things have helped me: 

I truly believe in the statement you are what you eat (drink) and that a good diet contributes to your immunity. During the winter I religiously drink a mixture of warm water, apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon and honey. Alone, each one of these ingredients are beneficial but mixed together its a powerhouse immunity booster. Check out this article from GOOP and read more on the amazing benefits of ginger!

Sambucus I use this three times a day at the slightest sign of an itchy throat or runny nose. Also if I'm feeling rundown and more vulnerable. The rest of the year I take it once a day. They also make a syrup for kids as well as lozenges. 

Wash Hands This is obvious I know but don't underestimate the power of soap and water. My sister is a nurse practitioner and recommends washing your hands for a period of one "happy birthday" song or the ABC's - I have Luke sing them to himself and it works! If you don't have access to soap and water I love this sanitizer. The ingredients are all natural and its free of synthetic detergents and preservatives. PS washing my hands all the time makes them super dry. Loving this hand cream lately!

Sleep I am NOT a morning person. It sounds crazy to say, especially for moms with young kids, but I can't operate on less than 7 hours of sleep. We've been really lucky that our boys are good sleepers and consistently clock out for an average of 12 hours a night. I have so much admiration for moms whose children wake up at 5:15am and start their day...I couldn't do it! No magical advice here - but I try to plan two nights a 

Green Juices With a busy schedule it can be so tough to make sure I'm getting the right greens every day. I almost always have a salad for lunch but I need more and its not always guaranteed in my dinner. Drinking a green juice with ginger or lemon a couple times a week is so helpful. If you're local my go-to's are Green and Tonic in and Meli Melo.   



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