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K E E P , P U R G E , S E L L , C O N S I G N , D O N A T E

The first step in any new closet organization is determining what my client wants to keep and what they want to purge. I start by discussing what they want to achieve with their wardrobe - their style currently, what they would like it to be (if different), and what they feel is missing. The idea is not to get rid of everything. Ultimately I want to help my clients fall in love with their closets again and create a curated wardrobe with what they already have before we add anything new.

As we go through the closet I remove the pieces we want to purge and separate them into piles: items to sell, items that need alterations, and items to donate. Once the entire closet is cleaned and organized by category its time to divide the “sell” pile.

This is my method

  1. Designer Handbags: submit a quote to Fashionphile, they offer a “buy it out” option which is immediate cash. Their prices are VERY fair. If we don’t love the quote I determine whether Tradesy or The Real Real is the best route depending on the client’s timeline. If you’re selling any Hermes handbags PLEASE research all of your options before making a decision.

  2. High Value Clothing and Shoes: This is not the same for everyone. Its important for me to understand my client’s timeline. If they want to sell items quickly The Real Real is the best route. If they want to make more money and are willing to wait, Tradesy is the best route. Why? Tradesy offers users a higher commission rate and you can set your own price.

  3. Clothing not accepted by The Real Real: There are many designers that are not accepted on TRR. For brands like Jcrew, Zara, Banana Republic etc. I advise clients to use a local consignment shop or Tradesy if they have the time to upload. The issue with selling these items online is you might make the same or less than a consignment shop and will end up spending far more time. Also, once we do a big purge client’s usually want items to leave their home as soon as possible.