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t h e s u n d a y s e c t i o n


Marie Claire - How to start a company according to female founders. This article is extremely throuogh and lays out everything you need to know about being a female entrepreneur (and bad ass). My favorite tip: (there are so many) “Don’t have it all figured out”.

Town & Country - A look at Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ Martha’s Vineyard home. Known as Red Gate Farm, this 340-acre estate sits on the water. Stunning.

One Kings Lane Blog - A Beautiful renovation in Bellport, NY. Scroll down for the most amazing gallery wall inspiration. I will 100% be trying to recreate this one day!


What I wore in Nantucket…


recipe - I was standing in the produce aisle of Whole Foods last week staring at all the vegetables….”If I only knew how to cook you I thought to myself”. I’s always so intimidated! I grabbed my broccoli and carrots and kept shopping. Somehow goop always comes to my rescue! Love their new guide to plant based grilling.

parenting - My Dad sent this article to my sister and me. Sometime in early November she’ll be introducing her new baby girl to Dexter, their two year old bernedoodle. I’ll never forget the day we brought Luke home. I’ll admit the age old let the dog sniff the babies blanket was our only plan. I can still see Henry peering over the pack-and-play so interested in our newest addition.

wardrobe malfunction - An important part of being a stylist is ensuring my clients always look their best. Sometimes what’s under their clothes can be just as important. Love this roundup of the best low back bras for backless dresses. I’ve tried SO many strapless bras and this is by far my favorite one.

ASOS - Shopping on this site can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. I usually start my search by using keywords like “broderie anglaise” and “crochet”. Here is a roundup of my favorites right now:

w h e r e

I’m SO excited to announce that I’ve partnered with BeautyCounter. This is our second summer using countersun and not only would I never use another sunblock on my family, I’m so thankful that a product like this exists! I’m sure you’ve heard this message before: there are over 1,400 chemicals, harsh and harmful ingredients that are banned in the European Union but not in the United States. Beauty Counter is committed to clean beauty and to honestly communicating to the world what they put in their products. We have a sunscreen stick in the kids backpack, my purse, and in our cars. NEVER without it! I haven’t tried any of the other BC products yet but I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the sunscreen. Stay tuned for more on this partnership! Tried a BC product and love it? Send me a note, I would love to hear from you!




STORY OF THIS DRESS: I posted this dress on one of my shopbop round ups last month and my sister in law bought it. I remember being on the fence and after just placing a big order for myself I decided to skip it. Whelp! Fast forward a couple of weeks when I saw her in town...I was with a client and we both looked at her and said we have to get this dress!! It was sold out on shopbop (just popped back up in one size) but I found it here in all sizes and on sale. I will warn you (if you can't tell by the pics hehe) it is short. My rule for short dresses is as long as they have a sleeve and don't show cleavage its OK. This dress would also be great when you step off the beach to have lunch or shop and leave your swimwear on underneath. 

In other news I wanted to share a new product with you that I'm LOVING! My beauty mission this year was been to incorporate as many natural and organic products as I can. Organachs Farm to Skin in Westport, CT has been the ultimate destination and resource for all things clean. Last month I went to Siobhan looking for sunblock for an upcoming trip to Florida. She suggested I try this nutrient day cream and ever since I've been hooked! I use the tinted one but there is also a non-tinted version. It is super light and I never feel like I'm wearing sunscreen. Check out her website!