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Were they worth it??

Neutral outfit for Spring and Fall // Oversized coat from The Curated styled with sneakers // Cindy Hattersley // Cindy Trotta

to splurge or not to splurge

OK so no one ever needs a pair for $400 sunglasses, $600 sandals, or a handbag over $1000. But once we get past that fact and you decide that you would like to invest in a few special pieces here is the criteria I start with. Will the item:

A. make you happy for years to come, you LOVE it

B. Be worn in many ways, is a staple

C. is something that hopefully will retain its value

If you’re item meets at least one to two of the three criteria, then its time to talk. C is an interesting one…just because something is expensive, it doesn’t mean you’ll get even close to the amount you paid if you decide to sell it. Not all designers are created equally when it comes to the resale market - Only Chanel, Hermes, and some Cartier pieces can be sold close at their original cost and in some cases more. When I purchased this Chanel wallet on chain purse over 10 years ago it was $1,100. I always store it in the box and its in pristine condition. If I ever wanted to sell it I would be able to for close to $2,000 now.



Celine Catherine sunglasses

Cindy Trotta // Hermes Oran Sandals // styled with yellow Zara pants and lace top

Chanel woc

ullajohnsondress and oran sandalsJPG.JPG

hermes oran sandal