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Town & Country - The 18 Must-Read Books of Spring 2020

Architectural Digest - A look inside the Hamptons home where Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis spent her summers. It’s for sale.

goop - A Full-Body, No-Equipment Workout with Melissa Wood Health. its been a while since I worked out so this one using your own bodyweight was perfect for me.


Ethereal and on sale for MDW


coffee - How to brew better coffee at home with these steps. We don’t have a traditional coffee maker at home and since Frank is the only one that drinks it we’ve found that a French press makes more sense. In the morning we boil a big pot of water and I use some for tea, and he uses the rest for coffee. I just ordered him this pretty white one for our anniversary…wait that sounds like its more for me haha!

grow - How to regrow romaine from a stem. Being at home for 70 days during a pandemic makes you very resourceful. I try to only go to the grocery store once every two weeks (which is a far cry from what we used to do - probably 4 x a week) which means that once we run out of something, thats it. Things start to get a little dicey in the kitchen around day 10! Something I just started doing was potting our old lettuce. You know, the one that comes with a little bit of dirt and roots at the bottom. Stay tuned and click here for a how-to with romaine.

DF + GF - I have been following a semi dairy and gluten free diet for almost a decade now. Tp read more on what caused this change click to read this post. I was never diagnosed with an allergy to either however eliminating them from my diet changed my life and health dramatically. So, thus began my search for replacement foods, the two biggest being yogurt and the occasional piece of bread (I really enjoy a good chicken salad sandwich!). Well after years of searching, I found both! This coconut yogurt is incredible. It’s low in sugar, creamy, and delicious. This bread it hands down the best GF bread out there. My favorite flavor is the 7 ancient grains.

watch - Normal People on Hulu. We just started watching a couple of nights ago and so far I really like it! Each episode is only 30 minutes long which was surprising at first but makes it even more binge-worthy. If you’ve already watched and love and are wondering if there will be a season 2, read this!


you asked, I answered.

Where can I go for budget bathing suits? I love H&M for stylish styles that won’t break the bank.

How do I style non-denim shorts? My favorite style of non-denim shorts is the paperbag. They’re usually a touch high waisted and flattering on ever body type. Tuck in a fitted t-shirt, wear with a bodysuit, or cotton blouse.

Favorite facial sunscreen? Hands down this one. I also like using this stick for face.

Favorite straw hat? I love this one from Hat Attack. It is an easy fit and the style will work with every face type.

Styling dark clothes for summer? I actually love wearing black in the summer. Look for a feminine dress like this one (less expensive one here) and pair it with brown leather sandals and a straw bag for an elegant summer look!

Favorites from Walmart right now for a girl on a budget?

Posted on May 24, 2020 .