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Clean Summer Makeup Routine



Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream

Rituel de Fille conceal and cover

Kjaer Weis concealer and blush

Artis brushes

CLICK HERE and use code STEPHANIE30 for 30% off the Artis site!

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When you’re at home for a month straight you start to realize that it really is all about “the little things”. Everything starts to slow down a bit and you finally get a chance to see what’s been around you all of this time. I know that for myself, I was constantly just passing through rooms and always on the go. My list of piles of things to go through and to-do’s around the house was long and I always said that I didn’t have the time. It has been nice to finally take on those little projects and get them done at my own pace - finally making time.

Here are a few pieces that I’ve been appreciating around our house these days ♡






this is my favorite essential oil

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Clean&Natural beauty routine.JPG

Wednesday morning was rough. I woke up and started immediately thinking about next week and next month and I felt myself spiraling. One day at a time is no joke - it’s really what’s getting me through this quarantine right now. That and getting up and jumping into this new self-care routine. It only takes 10 minutes!


This is the first product I’ve tried from Drunk Elephant and I really like it so far. It suggests that you leave it in the fridge for maximum potency which I’ve been doing. It makes it really refreshing in the morning! This product leaves your skin feeling sticky so I like to apply an additional serum over it like this one from Strange Bird.


I started using Strange Bird about a month ago. I use the serum and moisturizer almost every morning and night and the cleanser only in the evenings. I can tell you from experience that not all natural skincare is created equally! These products smell amazing and they actually work! My skin has been smooth and glowing. Strange Bird is a female-founded small business and is local to CT. Use code Cindy15 for 15% off.


Pro-tip: Before applying an organic or natural concealer, dab a bit of face oil around your eye bone. They tend to be a little dryer then the chemical ones and this helps glide the foundation on and also leaves that area “glow”.



It took me forever to find a clean and natural mascara that actually WORKS! This one isn’t inexpensive but I love it. It stays on all day and when I need to take it off at night, I don’t loose all of my eyelashes! I was shocked when that happened with other clean brands I tried.

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five ways to celebrate Spring at home

put on your favorite sun dress, throw down a blanket, and have a picnic (inside if the weather isn’t great)

barbecue - we barbecued for the first time this week and it oddly felt so fun for us and for the kids

bake - this chocolate chip cookie ice-cream sandwich looks amazing!

date night - light candles, turn on your favorite music, and cook together

share a glass of wine or a cocktail with a friend over FaceTime

under 100 spring styles

nordstrom sale picks

white sneakers

all fashion images are via pinterest - to follow along click here

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I can’t tell you how excited I am to start digging into this topic. To be honest it felt a little overwhelming at first but once I started doing research I realized so many of the brands I wear and love already practice sustainability. For the last three years I’ve been doing my best to use only natural, organic, and/or sustainable brands when it comes to my beauty routine. For two reasons: 1. I care deeply about what I put on mine and my family’s skin and 2. I don’t want to support a brand that tests on animals or is harmful to the environment. Practically speaking, the cost of these products is more, but the results have been worth the investment: I look better and feel better knowing I’m doing what’s right for myself and the planet.

This year I want to take the next step and add another layer of sustainability to my life by paying more attention to the clothing and accessories I’m wearing (this includes jewelry). Additionally, it means supporting brands that focus on sustainable packaging (I’m currently testing out a new deodorant that sells refills and reduces plastic) and creating less waste. As I’ve been researching the topic, the same notion keeps coming up, buying less is part of living a more sustainable life. Fewer and better has always been important to me and I think I’ve found a balance that works - 1. invest in luxury items that will last and quality craftsmanship like this sweater for example which is made of 100% natural yarn, and 2. fill in the rest with less expensive sustainable brands like Everlane and H&M.

Tip: Give yourself a break! The fact that you’re thinking about being more sustainable is a step in the right direction. If we could get the whole world thinking this way we’d be in much better shape. Small steps are better than no steps! I found this article to be very helpful as a baseline for understanding sustainable fashion.



t h e b r a n d s


wearing the boss boot c/o everlane

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a n a t u r a l s o l u t i o n

A little part of me just died of embarrassment typing out the title of this post. In the beginning of the Fall I shared on Instagram my struggles with finding a natural deodorant. None of them worked for me and I was inevitably smelly mid-way through the day. I figured it was just me, my chemistry, and I (and Frank) would have to live with it…forever! When I shared my pain in stories one day last summer, I was shocked at how many responses I received. Almost 1,000 messages with suggestions of natural deodorants that worked for you and also so many messages asking for me to share my findings. I’m so happy I shared…because it led me to this point…smell-free!

Have you ever heard of an armpit detox? I hadn't. Pretty Frank, formally known as Primal Pit Paste makes one and it is incredible. It saved me. The new name makes me laugh…maybe I should pitch Frank to them as their knew spokesman:) Anyway, the way it works is you literally are detoxing your armpits with their baking soda and charcoal deodorant sticks. I did it for three weeks. They also include a primer to calm irritation during the process but I didn’t find it necessary. My only warning re: the process is to be careful when using the charcoal at night - it will stain your light colored clothing.

After the detox it was like magic. I started re-testing all of the natural deodorants I was interested in and they were working! Some better than others, but for the first time I was able to WORK OUT and not smell. I’ve rounded up my top picks below with my favorite being the one from Corpus.

pretty frank (formally primal pit paste)


I love everything about this one - the packaging, the smell, and most importantly I love that it goes on clear. It also doesn’t stain my white shirts.


This was my second favorite. It worked, but I didn’t love the first scent I tried. I do recommend it however if you’re looking to switch to natural.

Agent Nateur - The Holi stick

This is the one I was using (and smelling with) before I did the pit detox. Now? I can wear it no problem. They also make one for Men that Frank uses.

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Don’t give up - anything worth fighting for, you have to fight for.

It is never too late to start - take that step, that thing you’ve been wanting to do? step up to it and into it, your future self (in 10 years) will thank you.

If there is anything that this last decade has taught me it is those two things. Ten years ago I was starting over. I had just had what I refer to now as a quarter life crisis and I knew I had to make some big changes. I quit my job, recommitted to my relationship, and was starting fresh. I set goals for myself in both my personal and work life and started at the bottom so to speak. If you told me then that it was going to take ten years to get where I am today I probably would have laughed (and then cried haha)... but it was all worth it.

I’ve had women (and a few men) ask me if I think its too late to start blogging and my answer is no. Is it true that there are more bloggers/influencers now than 5 years ago? Yes of course, but no two people are the same. I truly believe that there will always be room for a new perspective and for a unique voice. It sounds cliche but if you want something bad enough and work for it, in my experience it will happen. It may not be exactly what you first set out to achieve and the path that takes you there may look different than you imagined, but you will get there.


In 2019 I started sharing more about my styling business. How I got here, what I offer, and some of my processes. This year I want to take it a step further and get back to sharing more styling content. I love creating style guides: what to pack, at any age, but to be honest, these collages take so.much.time. to create. Over the next few months I’ll be working on a plan to streamline the way I create these post and hope to be able to make them more frequently. They’re honestly some of my favorite content!

Additionally, I want to start focusing more on seasonal capsules. You all loved my Fall capsule wardrobe! I have ideas on how to expand them into different lifestyles (for example SAHM, office looks, model off duty style, etc.) so stay tuned…


more video - I really love creating video content and it is something that excites me but is also a little scary. Unchartered territory. Thats how I know I need to be doing more of it:) I started my youtube channel last year but it needs a little love:)

pinterest - Using pinterest more and growing an audience on the platform was one of my goals for 2019. I re-discovered it last year and have really enjoyed using it as a creative outlet and also as a source of inspiration.


This should be at the top of my list! I’m being 100% transparent here, my goal was to get this done, and up and running by November 1st. I missed it. I don’t know what happened, for some reason it scares me partly because it feels like a big commitment and partly because there has been a bit of a learning curve figuring out how to get it going. But I’m doing it! I will have a newsletter by February. Please subscribe when I do haha!


One thing that really hit me last year and specifically over the last 6 months - I don’t take care of myself enough. Sure I eat well, drink green tea, but beyond salads and a basic multi vitamin, I really don’t focus enough on my health. I work an average of 60 hours a week between the blog, Instagram, shooting photos and video, styling clients, and research. The rest of the time I’m doing #momlife and it leaves little time to slow down. If i’m being honest with myself, things are not going to slow down, and actually thats exciting to me….I love what I do. But that being said my health has been suffering. I’m exhausted, I need supplements, probably probiotics, to eat even better, more exercise. I’m not really sure what this will all look like but I’m committed to focusing more on my health in the new year and prioritizing me. There is something to be said for the saying: “put your own oxygen mask on first”.

thank you

Lastly I want to thank you, my readers, from the bottom of my heart. Your messages, your likes, and your support means the world to me. I feel so lucky to have this space and that I get to call this my job. I love hearing from you and my mailbox is always open!




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I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately - friendships now that i’m a thirty-something mom with two kids, more jobs than I can count at times, and a marriage that I’m constantly trying to figure out how to carve out special time for. Actually, I’m trying to figure out how to carve out more time for all of those things! So if thats the case, then where do friendships come in? Especially for someone like me who places so much value on true friendships - the good stuff, ride or die girls, your chosen family. In an age where being “social” can be defined by likes and comments (which don’t count as communication by the way), what do we do if we crave more? Today I wanted to share what I’ve learned about friendships in my late 20’s and early 30’s and I asked my best friend Virginia to weigh in as well. She brings up an important point. Not only are these relationships impacting us positively or negatively, our children are watching and mirroring what we do. If I’ve figured out anything at this stage its this, that quality over quantity wins.


f r i e n d s h i p

don’t sweat the small stuff

After three decades of life on this earth, we’re all a little quirky, we have our things and thats OK. it makes life more interesting.

talk about how you feel

If something she said hurt you - tell her! The foundation of any real relationship is honesty.

the foundation of any real relationship is honesty

Be yourself - obviously this is true with your best friend right? You can tell her anything. I’ve found this is most important when forming new friendships. You don’t have to tell them your life is going down the toilet the first time you have coffee together, but don’t hide behind what you think someone wants to see. Give them a chance to get to know you and prove that they don’t care about the bells and whistles. This is what I look for in a friend - someone who can come over when my house is a mess, i’m still in my pajamas with no makeup on, and just hang out. No judgements, just love.


We are busy. its a fact. in this age of technology and distraction it can be even harder to carve out time to chat on the phone or get together. Prioritize time for one another, even if its just for 30 minutes a week (although Virginia and I would probably die if we only talked 30 minutes a week haha).

its the little things

as i’m writing this i’m thinking to myself, “these can apply to romantic relationships as well!”. Its true, everyone likes a little reminder that they’re loved, and that goes for friends too. If you’re friend lives far away, pop a postcard in the mail. If she’s close? Drop off a pie you picked up at the market, or flowers from the garden. Its so easy to get wrapped up in our lives but if we want to curate long-lasting and fulfilling relationships, we have to put in the time.

A note from Virginia on friendship

I have been very transient in my life. Picking up friends along the way as I moved about the country. Having recently relocated, yet again, I am starting over socially and just beginning to meet new ladies. It’s hard to do this at my age. Most women have long-term friendships in place already. Many don’t feel the “need” for new friends. I’ve never understood this, I love meeting new people, expanding my world view, and always welcome the opportunity to get to know someone. It takes time to build authentic relationships though and it can be lonely at times. It’s imperative for me to stay in touch with those friends who no matter what make the time to invest in my life, as I do in theirs. I once heard you only get about 5 major soul-sister level friendships over the span of your life. The more life I live, the more that handful of women have become my rock.

We as women have the greatest capacity for empathy and care-taking, it’s in our DNA. And yet, it is shocking to me how cruel women can be to one another, especially in social environments. You don’t have to be friends with everyone, but you absolutely have to be kind. If we could just show each other greater compassion and civility, and not get bogged down in petty superficialities or insecurities; if we could just truly support and root for one another, we as a gender would become stronger and our individual day to day lives would be happier.

We don’t just have to do this for us, we MUST do this for the girls (and boys) we are raising. Our children learn everything by osmosis. Today, mean girl behavior is happening earlier and earlier. Whether it’s our culture evolving or social media, girls are being exposed to mature social dynamics, competitiveness, celebrity culture, materiality, body image issues, anxiety and more so so young and they do not have the emotional intelligence to be able to process it all. We have to teach our girls how to be compassionate, good friends by modeling it for them, because they are watching us. That means not gossiping about that other mom, calling out and celebrating other women’s victories, starting a conversation with the gal standing by herself at the cocktail party, SMILING and saying good morning to EVERYONE at drop off, even if they aren’t in your group of friends and loving those special ride or die girlfriends with everything you’ve got.



All mercury jokes aside, July knocked me off my feet. I don’t think I’ve felt more out of sorts and disconnected in a while. I shared a little bit about what was going on in the beginning of the month on stories. Out of respect for my family I unfortunately can’t share specific details, but there was some tough and unexpected news that we received after the holiday (not health related). In my heart I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and we will come out stronger then we were before, but in my head I’ve been freaking out. Stressed, worried, scared - none of these are conducive to creating inspired content.

We did have some really great moments last month - my best friend’s wedding in Nashville was awesome. It was so nice to escape (alone) with Frank and reconnect. But for some reason when we returned I found it impossible to get back into our/my routine. I think it was part summer, part returning back to the scary reality we were facing, and mostly feeling like everything was piling up. I’m a planner and I need for things to be organized - it’s weird because I’m also a creative and like spontaneity…is it possible to be both? I pride myself on consistency. As an entrepreneur and a one woman show I feel like its a non-negotiable. So when I missed a blog post last week and The Sunday Section the week before, it really upset me. I felt like I had lost my mojo.

So how do I get it back? Last night I made a (very long) list of everything I need to get done this month and then broke it down into weeks and priorities. I can’t tell you how much better that made me feel. Honestly, writing this post is making me feel better too. I’m a talker, pick up the phone kind of girl, I need to work things out this way. I think what I realized about myself is that when things get tough I can get paralyzed and what I need to do is just move forward. Easier said than done but I’m taking it one day at a time. Biggest THANK YOU to all of you for being here and supporting me. You are all the best part of my job and I couldn’t do it without your support:)




o u t f i t d e t a i l s

blouse // zara

tank // zara

denim // topshop (Nordstrom sale)

boots // Valentino (on sale in black) similar under $100




beautiful summer skin

D R I N K water - This one may seem so obvious but its amazing hoe. much more water we need in the summer especially if we’re spending most of our day outdoors. I always make this mistake when it first gets hot out

W E A R sunscreen - Protecting yourself with a mineral sunscreen is an essential part of my morning routine. However, I have found that the new natural and organic sunscreens have been drying my skin out. Don’t forget to moisturize and add a face oil at night to help your skin recover from the day.

E A T antioxidants - We’ve all heard, “you are what you eat”, but its never been more true today. I recently strayed from my regular diet and after only two weeks my skin started to look dull and my face was bloated. Eating foods high in antioxidants like blueberries and kale and drinking green tea on a regular basis help you maintain your glow (and collagen) now and in the long run.

E X F O L I A T E your skin - I exfoliate two to three times a week. In the summer I tend to do it a little more often because of all the sunscreen I’m using. I love this mask because it unclogs my pores and exfoliates using natural and organic ingredients.


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chair // target


Hair Inspiration // How to style hair with a barrette for Spring and Summer // Cindy Hattersley // Cindy Trotta

‘You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first”


get a 15 minute chair massage


buy grocery store flowers and arrange them


face mask and a bath before bed


try a new coffee shop with a friend


diffuse essential oils and meditate or close your eyes for 15 minutes. If you’re at work, take a break to apply an essential oil roller ball to the palms of your hands and take a few deeps breaths

There is no doubt that self-care is essential to living a happier life. I love treating myself once in a while to a facial, fancy dinner, or a new splurge item from my wishlist, but thats not realistic on a weekly basis. Its important to find things that don’t cost a fortune so that you can feel good about doing them, often!


listen to a podcast with a cup of tea


take a few extra minutes to make something you really enjoy for breakfast + sit down to eat it without feeling guilty! It will taste better that way:)


FaceTime with your bestie


clean out your DVR - you might find something you want to watch! Now GO! Watch it!


write. I’ve said it a million times…”I don’t have time to make lists”. I’m always going, going, going, and once kids are in the mix this constant sense of urgency can be exhausting and you feel like you’re losing your mind. When I take the time to write down what I need to do for the day/week I feel so much better. My mind is clear.

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We were both interns at Morgan Stanley in Washington, D.C. I needed help with a filing cabinet and the rest is history….!


A small Hermes square scarf that my grandfather gave me when I was 8 years old. After that my oldest is piece is probably a Max Mara top I bought in Italy when I was in college. Frank and I went together for 10 days the summer before our senior year. It is still the best vacation I’ve ever been on and I can’t wart with the top! I tend to keep things FOREVER (especially investment pieces)!


One Kings Lane! Its sold out but here is a similar style. Ours is also this crypto fabric which has been really helpful repelling stains from the kids (but mostly mine!).


I was raised Roman Catholic. I don’t consider myself to be very religious but I am very spiritual if that makes sense. I believe in God and in Heaven and an after life.


I’m 34 years old. My birthday is September 25th. Libra:)

Do you have a Spotify playlist?

Not yet but its on my list of to-do’s for March!

Where is your living room rug from?

Its from Safavieh! When we moved in the first thing I wanted to find were rugs for our living room/dining room areas. They’re connected so I knew I wanted to use the same neutral style in both spaces to make it appear larger. I actually found ours on Amazon and took a chance! What a steal! Its since sold out but I was able to find it here and here. Our color is “light gray”.




Not sure if this was referring to real fur but I don’t buy real anymore. I have a fur vest (I think fox) that I purchased from a consignment shop 10+ years ago that I still wear because I love it and it wasn’t inexpensive but I wouldn’t purchase it again. Now as for faux fur…YES! It has become so much easier to find amazing faux that you’re not even tempted by the real thing. For men I prefer the look of a shearling coat like this reversible shell. This is my favorite brand these days for faux.


Celine Catherine and the style number is 41098. Mine are the Havana blue with tortoise. Here is a similar pair!


Not yet but I’m working on it! Should be on the blog early next month!


Three years ago I purchased a winter boot from Stuart Weitzman and still wear them all the time. They really make the best/most comfortable styles in general and I find their cold weather to be no different. I like this one. For rain I recently purchased this pair - love the Chelsea style and the price!


I always find that Madewell has a new sweater coat style every season. There are only a few styles left but this black one looks like a classic. Also this one is great (collarless though so a little less structured) and comes in many colors.


This will be included in the capsule wardrobe! My all-time favorite white t’s are these and these from Theory. I became addicted to them when I worked there and stocked up right before leaving. They hold up really well and look better overtime in my opinion. For a less expensive version I purchased this one in white during the summer and its a different look but also great quality for the price.



Everything you need to know about bone broth from my friends at NIT NOI



I’m so excited to share today’s post with you and introduce you to my friends North and Jillian Shutsharawan. Together they launched Nit Noi Provisions, a Thai bone broth and soup company based in Norwalk, CT. I was over the moon excited when I discovered that they had decided to leave NYC and return home to Fairfield County. If you follow me in Instagram you know how much I love food and even more so how much I love discovering new local spots. Nestled just beyond a loading dock, the Nit Noi kitchen is everything you’d want it to be and more. It feels like home.

The first time I tasted Nit Noi broth I was immediately converted. My two thoughts were ONE, “How have I been living my life without this?” and TWO, “How am I going to incorporate this into my family’s weekly meals?”. Also, I knew that there were health benefits to drinking bone broth but I needed a refresher. I remembered reading this article years ago and found it to be very helpful. I also remember thinking to myself that although it looked great, I felt very overwhelmed at the thought of making it myself. In walks Nit Noi! My favorite is the Tom Kha Gai (available on Fridays only) which is a Thai coconut soup made with pasture-raised chicken bone broth, organic coconut milk, organic chicken breast, mushroom, galangal, kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass, and chili oil, served with a side of bone broth jasmine rice. DELICIOUS! I’m determined to order it enough that they have to call it “Cindy Hattersley” one day:)




“The real origin of Nit Noi Provisions is on the slopes of Telluride, Colorado, where Jillian and North lived after getting married. Telluride is a very special place, and endless source of inspiration and gratitude, both for the couple and the business.”


Nit Noi FAQ

How long can I store Nit Not Broth?

One week in the fridge, 10 days maximum. Please use your best judgment after a week. It may be stored for up to one year in the freezer, but we recommend using within 6 months. 

How should I use it? 

Drink it in your favorite vessel (mug, bowl, Yeti), season with earthy spices and supplements, use it for soups, rice, stews, stir fry liquid. Please visit our website for recipes and inspiration. 

Why do you freeze it? 

We don’t use any preservatives, concentrates or whatever else is present in commercial broths. We freeze for more functional transport, freshest flavor, and sustainability of nutrient density. 

How do I thaw it? 

The best way to thaw frozen Nit Not is to let it defrost in the refrigerator overnight. For faster defrosting, run the container under cool tap water to loosen the broth block and bring to a simmer in a pan on the stovetop. 

Can I refreeze it? 

Absolutely, we love freezing it in ice cube trays for easy access during future food preparation. 

Where do your bones come from? 

Pastured animals, free of hormones, antibiotics and GMOs. 

Does your broth contain gluten? Sugar? Dairy? Soy? 

No, no, no,  and no. 

When are you open? 

Our kitchen is open for broth only on Tuesdays, and for broth, noodles and daily specials Wednesday-Friday, 10:30a-3p. We are a full time vendor at the Westport Farmer’s Market in the summer (Thursdays) and a bimonthly vendor at the Westport Farmer’s Market at Gilbertie’s during the winter (Saturdays). 

How do I get into the Nit Not Kitchen? 

95 Water Street, same building as SoNo Bakery. Please park in either municipal lot and enter through the loading dock. Follow the elephant signs to the kitchen. 

Do you deliver? 

We currently offer delivery to Darien, Westport and Norwalk Wednesday-Friday. If unavailable to accept our delivery, please pre-order and leave a cooler or cooler bag at your door for Calvin. 

Where can I find Nit Not outside of the Westport Farmer’s Market or South Norwalk? 

We’re available at Double L Market in Westport, Mike’s Organic in Stamford, the Village Market in Wilton, Walter Stewart in New Canaan, Fleisher’s Craft Butchery in Westport (veg. broth only), Sport Hill Farm Stand in Easton (seasonal), New Canaan Butcher Shop. 

If you feel our product line would be a good fit for a favorite local business, please let us know! Thank you in advance! 

What does Nit Noi mean? 

Nit Noi means “a little bit” in Thai. `

How can I stay in touch? 

We send a weekly email and pre-order form via email, and/or instragram/Facebook.


“Nit Noi finds it's heart in Bangkok, at a family gathering, surrounded by food. The recipe belongs to North's Grandmother (Khun Yai), who makes the best Guay Teow Gai: rice noodles, chicken, and savory chicken broth enhanced with Thai herbs and spices.

We developed Nit Noi Provisions to offer the highest quality, handcrafted bone broths and meals, created with the care, recipes and wisdom of Khun Yai. 

We are committed to using only local and organic ingredients, and sustainable packaging. We're inspired to cook like Khun Yai, from scratch, inherently intuitive, seasonal and delicious.”


Photography by Julia Dags

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I’ve been using this face wash on and off for ten years now. Yes, T-E-N! I first met Tata when she was just starting out and instantly fell in love with her brand. It was the only thing on the market that was that clean and I still love the smell of her products. I recently started using the Rodial C face wash and really like it. One of the things I try to do with my routine is switch things up every month or so. I find that I see better results that way.


apply face oil

This is it. Hands down my favorite face oil and I’ve tried many. The only time I take a break from it is during the very hot summer days but other than that it has been part of my ritual for some time now. During the winter my skin can get so dry and this just helps to not only moisturize but also give me a fresh dewy look. It also makes applying makeup like concealer and cream blush a breeze!



In addition to the Tata moisturizer I also love this one from Voya. The brand is 100% organic and natural and their products are made of seaweed harvested by a family owned farm in Ireland. Again, they smell great and I feel really good about what I’m putting on my face. I never feel “greasy”, just moisturized.



Purchase this lip balm and your lips will thank you (and me)! I use it every night before I go to bed especially in the winter. They also make a tinted version for day but I like to use the original and layer with a tinted gloss!


apply a face mask



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There has been so much talk this month about diets, exercise, juices, a new you, etc. I feel like its ALL I SEE. While its a great reminder after a glutinous holiday season that we need to take care of ourselves, it can feel very overwhelming and it puts the pressure on. At the beginning of the year I decided to start small. In early December Green & Tonic reached out to me about doing one of their 5-day detoxes. I was very familiar with them as I used their programs after having Luke and while pregnant with Harrison. I agreed and once the time came a few weeks ago I was super excited to try it again. I love that G&T calls it a “reset” and not a cleanse because thats exactly what it was for me. After a week I was feeling so great. I drank almost no caffeine and had reduced my chocolate/cookie habit almost in half. Its only been two weeks since I finished but I find myself thinking twice about the high sugar snacks that I love and instead am reaching for a piece of fruit. The other thing I like about it was the mix of juices and real food. Well worth it!

What I realized during the second half of last year was that my mental wellness was just as important as my physical one and to be honest I’ve been spending more of my efforts this month trying to figure out how to achieve that. Now that I spend more time at home with my kids I find myself using every “free” minute (with childcare or after bedtime/during naps) working. In my previous life it was easier to schedule lunches with girlfriends, a 30-minute workout with a trainer, get a manicure, go for a walk around the block alone, etc. Now I feel this pressure to use my time much more wisely and its been a struggle to find moments to decompress. So far I’m finding joy in the little things: a face mask, a chocolate croissant (this conflicts with the above but when it brings me so much joy can it be that bad?), or a bath. As most things are its still a work in progress and I would love to hear from you on things you do to “take a break”!




BREAKFAST I’ve made this recipe a few times and its delicious! Since I can’t eat yogurt in the morning and I’m not a big cereal fan I’m always on the hunt for more interesting breakfast options. Also, if you are looking for a vegan yogurt option, this brand makes theirs with Pili nuts and Cassava fruit. It’s creamy with a little bit of a lime taste. Great with granola and fresh fruit (I don’t love it on its own).

EXERCISE I’ve been on the hunt for a great dance class. I really love dancing to hip-hop and pop/rap (LOL) so when these workout dance classes started popping up on my Instagram I knew I needed to find one in CT. To my surprise there wasn’t a Tracey Anderson-type class out here. Then I received a DM on Instagram about Megan Roup. You can livestream her classes from home and I was shocked…I actually LOVE IT! If I can do it you can. I’m the queen of getting bored while working out and these 30-min classes are great. A few times I’ve muted the TV and blasted my own tunes too:)

NIGHT ROUTINE I’ve never been a bath person. Until this month I could count on one hand the number of baths I’ve taken as an adult. I received this bath soak a few weeks ago and it is amazing. I’m totally addicted! Even if its just for 10 minutes I find the whole experience very relaxing and it doesn’t hurt that it smells amazing.

JUST BECAUSE Adding these to today’s post because its raining today in CT and I just posted these to stories. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect no-fuss rain boot and these are under $30!

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Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the US. This is unfortunately a reality that hits close to home for me. Skin cancer runs in my family. My mom grew up in Belgium and France and recalls summer after summer lathering her skin in oils and laying out with zero protection. From an early age it has always been something that she ingrained in my sister and I - wear sunscreen! But why is it a topic only discussed in the summer? What about the rest of the year? About two months ago I found something that looked suspect on my back and realized I hadn’t gone for my annual skin check in years. I was so mad at myself! I immediately reached out to Dr. Sarah Dolder, a dermatologist with a practice in both Greenwich, CT and Manhattan, for help. Dr. Dolder was born and raised in Australia which basically makes her a sun expert! We originally met at an event through a mutual friend and I instantly loved her! Her calm and reassuring demeanor is exactly what I look for in a doctor.

Fast forward two weeks to my appointment. Dr. Dolder checked my entire body, including my scalp, for anything suspicious. It was fast and painless. Getting an annual check is a crucial part of skin cancer detection. Additionally, checking yourself throughout the year is equally as important. Below you’ll find the ABC’s that Dr. Dolder outlined for me. For most this is nothing new but if you’re like me, you probably could use a refresher. I’ve never discussed a topic like this on my blog before but its something I feel very strongly about and wanted to share.


Coffee break with Dr. Sarah Dolder

Coffee break with Dr. Sarah Dolder

your monthly skin check

the abc’s

a - asymmetry

b - border

c - color

d - diameter

e - evolving lesion

The best way to detect skin cancer early is to be aware of any changes in your skin, abnormalities, or growths. Dr. Dolder advises that you do not check daily because you won’t be able to notice when there is a difference. Instead, check yourself monthly and have a friend or family member check hard to see places like your back.

the essentials

In Dr. Dolder’s office waiting for my skin check

In Dr. Dolder’s office waiting for my skin check


I am not a doctor and this article is based on my own research and opinions. If you need medical advice please contact your physician

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Cindy Trotta standing on Greenwich Ave wearing Theory

t w e n t y n i n e t e e n

Last year I wrote and created 152 blog posts for Cindy Hattersley. I was actually pretty surprised by this number and when I started counting I thought it was going to be much less. On this day last year I remember thinking, “This year is going to be IT, I’m going do it, I’m going to become a blogger.” I decided to put everything I had, EVERY single extra moment I had (and even the ones I didn’t have) into this blog. There were multiple reasons why. The biggest one was the fulfillment I got every single time I hit the “publish” button. This was MY space. it didn’t belong to my boss and it didn’t belong to my family. It was a place that I owned all on my own, a sacred space where I could share my dreams, my life, my aspirations, and most importantly a place for me to inspire. The second reason was the more practical one. I was tired of retail. I had worked in essentially the same job for 10 years and it was time for me to move on and to grow. At the beginning of 2018 I was committed to going off on my own because I felt there was no other option. It was make this work or live a life where I only saw my kids, my husband, and my friends on the weekends and we never shared the same schedule. There was only one problem. I was walking away from stability and into the unknown. It also meant taking a huge leap of faith in myself and my potential. The losses would be my own but so would the wins. I’m a dreamer by nature but over the years I’ve also become more practical ( I have my husband to thank for that!). So for the next 6 months I prepared for the next step.

July 1st was the first day of my new life. I’m going to do a blog post dedicated to the other non-blogger part of my business. Saying you’re a stylist can mean so many different things to different people. I get asked a lot about what it means and how it works, so look out for a post about that at the end of the month. For now I want to focus on this space. What I want to grow and what I want to stay the same in 2019. If I’m being honest, its tough out there! Its tough to know what you like and what you want to see more of especially on social media. I find judging my success on likes and comments on a post to be difficult and probably inaccurate. 2018 has mostly been a game of trial and error, going with my gut, and responding to direct message requests on Instagram. I can also be really tough on myself especially when it comes to photos of me. Some might say i’m in the wrong business! This year I want to focus on the small wins and not dwell on the misses. Here are a few focuses for 2019:


I’m putting this at the top of my list because my number one dream” item on my list for the blog in 2019. That being said there are a few housekeeping items I’ll need to do first but my goal for the new year is to publish at least 4 style videos (one for each season).


Half way through last year I started to feel a little uninspired. I was constantly working and not taking anytime to recharge my mind. Before kids I used to flip through magazines and style sections but those days are gone. I rediscovered Pinterest and I love it! It has really helped me get the creative juices flowing when I feel like I’m in a rut. Its also a place where I organize my thoughts.


This year I want to be more transparent about the clothes that I’m wearing. In the past year I have had to significantly change the way I look at my closet. In my pre-Instagram days I was the “investor”, still wearing pieces that I splurged on in High School and college. In Europe, clothes are so much more expensive. Every summer I would buy one or two pieces and wear them for years. Becoming a blogger changed everything. Again, I want to do a bigger post on this, but one of the ways bloggers make money is through affiliate links on our websites and through Instagram. If the clothing we’re wearing is old or no longer available you can’t sell it. This posed quite an issue for me as I wasn’t used to shopping SO much! I had to change my mindset (and my husband’s) and look at things differently. For 2019 my goal is to invest in fewer pieces at the beginning of the season and wear them longer and in more ways. Back to my roots you can say! Also there are three ways I get new clothing: purchase, gifted by a brand, or borrowed from a brand for a shoot. Look out for these mentions in every post moving forward!


As I mentioned above there will be a post on what being a stylist means to me and what I actually DO! I would like to show more of this world but it can be tough because the majority of my clients are private people. I would never betray their trust by putting their homes or lives on social media or on my blog. That being said I’m going to make it a point to ask more because I have recently had a few clients say they’d be open to it.

Lastly I want to thank you, my readers, from the bottom of my heart. Your messages, your likes, and your support means the world to me. I feel so lucky to have this space and that I get to call this my job. I love hearing from you and my mailbox is always open!



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boots, sunglasses my own // dress, scarf, handbag C/O Theory

the gift guide - the zen friend

giftguide18-zen gift guide.png

good vibes only



Recently I reached out to my Instagram following via Stories and asked my followers to tell me what they wanted to hear more about on Cindy Hattersley. I received an overwhelming amount of responses asking about my diet. What gluten free/dairy free foods I loved and what a typical day looked like. Well I have to start by telling you...I didn't always eat like this.

The year after I graduated from college I started to notice my stomach bothering me more and more. I guess looking back on it now my stomach had always been an issue but we (my parents and I) always chocked it up to normal indigestion, car sickness, etc. It wasn't until Frank and I moved in together at the age of 21 (I know CRAZY!) that he said to me, this isn't normal, I think there is something wrong with your stomach. Well he was right. After 10ish years of suffering I booked an appointment with a gastroenterologist around the corner from our apartment. I told him everything. There wasn't much he could determine from our visit and suggested we move forward with an endoscopy. I was NOT excited about the thought of having a tube stuck down my throat and almost chickened out but with some coaxing from my family I did it. The result was an extremely inflamed stomach and esophagus. The Dr. said if I continued down this road we would be looking at ulcers or even more serious, cancer. I couldn't believe it. I walked out of the office with a prescription for Nexium and that was that. The topic of food was never discussed. I was a healthy eater, salads, fresh fish, little meat, yogurt and fruit for breakfast. I remember that morning grabbing a coffee (with milk) and an egg white sandwich (with cheese) on my home from the appt. It was on multigrain bread so it couldn't be bad for me right?

Fast forward one year and I wasn't getting was actually worse. I was now working in corporate America, stressed, and taking about 4 Nexium a day mixed with other over the counter antacids. And then, a Mom who for years has been practicing meditation as a way to relive chronic migraines, suggested I set up an appointment for me to see her guru. Neither of us ever mentioned any health issues to him other than stress. By the end of the session he said to me that he saw I had a blockage in my body and that I should stop eating dairy and gluten. He made a few other suggestions too, no raw nuts, eggs but only a whole egg, and nothing too acidic. I already wasn't eating tomato sauce but his prescription for no cheese meant no more white pizza which was one of my favorites. And so the rest is history...

NOW I will preface the below menu by stating that I am not 100% gluten free/dairy free BUT I have a found a balance that works for me. In terms of dairy I haven't had yogurt, milk, sour cream, or cheeses in the last 8 years. I can eat butter in small amounts and I've probably slipped up and had a piece of cake with one of those ingredients in it. What I believe now is that I have a dairy intolerance. I have also found that when I limit my gluten intake I feel even better and after eating such limited amounts of gluten, if I do have it I get a terrible headache and feel overall malaise. I'm a big believer in the idea that medicine is not always the answer. Don't get my wrong I'll pop a couple of Motrin for a bad headache but I also believe that what you eat plays a HUGE part in your overall health. The changes in my diet have drastically changed the way I feel. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've had reflux in the last 8 years (minus the third trimester of pregnancy which is almost unpreventable) and its all been pill free.  

My Monday-Friday Diet


Almond Milk Yogurt (Kite Hill) with Gluten Free Granola and Berries or Banana

Gluten Free Oatmeal with Apples and Dates

Chia Seed Pudding with Almond Milk and Cinnamon


I eat a salad (like the one pictured above) almost every day for lunch. Sometimes I'll have an avocado toast on gluten free bread. If you're local I Organic Pharmer. They're also a great source for gluten free and dairy free options and they ship! I also on occasion get a super food smoothie for Lunch with protein but it doesn't really sustain me for long enough till dinner.


Salmon with Coconut Brown Rice and a Steamed Vegetable (check this Salmon recipe)

Kale Fried Rice

Almond Milk Ravioli (Kite Hill) with Sautéed Spinach and Mushrooms

THIS Nicoise Salad

My favorite Gluten Free pasta right now

Recipe Resources - I almost exclusively get my recipes from Goop. I especially love their yearly cleanse recipes. Check out this one call the working girl detox. Although many of them require a variety of spices and condiments, once you stock up you're good to go! Also you can purchase some of the rarer ingredients on their website like this one which I use to make this when I have time!



PS if you're wondering about the cookie in these pictures it represents my VERY BIG sweet tooth. Call it the Belgian blood running through my veins but I'm a dark chocolate I have to have a piece (or two) a day. I also can't resist a delicious (gluten free) cookie!


Staying Healthy During The Winter



If you were to ask my family they would all probably agree that I'm a borderline hypocondriac. There, I said it! When I was about seven years old and we were traveling home from the Caribbean I got really sick on the plane and I think it scarred me! Ever since I've been obsessed with trying not to get sick, washing my hands before meals (especially in the winter) and sanitizing (I only used natural based ones but more on that later). Pregnancy kicked my fear into overdrive but now with two boys and little time to obsess over it, I feel like I've developed a good routine. Some of you have asked me what I do to boost my immunity and for natural solutions to staying healthy during cold a flu season. The flu seems to be worse than ever this year and not even the flu shot is 100% effective but I've found that these things have helped me: 

I truly believe in the statement you are what you eat (drink) and that a good diet contributes to your immunity. During the winter I religiously drink a mixture of warm water, apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon and honey. Alone, each one of these ingredients are beneficial but mixed together its a powerhouse immunity booster. Check out this article from GOOP and read more on the amazing benefits of ginger!

Sambucus I use this three times a day at the slightest sign of an itchy throat or runny nose. Also if I'm feeling rundown and more vulnerable. The rest of the year I take it once a day. They also make a syrup for kids as well as lozenges. 

Wash Hands This is obvious I know but don't underestimate the power of soap and water. My sister is a nurse practitioner and recommends washing your hands for a period of one "happy birthday" song or the ABC's - I have Luke sing them to himself and it works! If you don't have access to soap and water I love this sanitizer. The ingredients are all natural and its free of synthetic detergents and preservatives. PS washing my hands all the time makes them super dry. Loving this hand cream lately!

Sleep I am NOT a morning person. It sounds crazy to say, especially for moms with young kids, but I can't operate on less than 7 hours of sleep. We've been really lucky that our boys are good sleepers and consistently clock out for an average of 12 hours a night. I have so much admiration for moms whose children wake up at 5:15am and start their day...I couldn't do it! No magical advice here - but I try to plan two nights a 

Green Juices With a busy schedule it can be so tough to make sure I'm getting the right greens every day. I almost always have a salad for lunch but I need more and its not always guaranteed in my dinner. Drinking a green juice with ginger or lemon a couple times a week is so helpful. If you're local my go-to's are Green and Tonic in and Meli Melo.   



Check out this article: What to Cook When You Have the Flu


You must also not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional health care provider. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or any other professional healthcare provider. 

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